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I am in search of 20 beta users for REIFlow for Podio. This is the last and final round of beta testers before I release it into the wild. Meaning that this is your last chance to get a HUGE discount. The First round of beta testing went great and I can’t thank Luke, Brian, Bobby, Chris, Percy, Jeremy and Gabriel enough for putting the time and effort into helping me improve the system. They helped catch bugs and even inspired a couple new features…

As a beta user you will become the most valuable user REIFlow can have.

Flows is a tool to help you create custom workflows that create a task based off actions and criteria of a lead.  This tool will also act as the framework for much greater functionality like sending out emails, automating value changes and even sending information to LOB to send out letters. **

** sending emails, automating value changes and sending to LOB are not currently supported but will be in the future.

Forms is a tool that allows you to create custom input forms based off any field from the Leads, Property, Details and Contact Apps with in the REIFlow Workspace. Have your VA’s use the input form to enter leads instead of giving them access to your workspace.  Or Embed the form on your website so leads go directly into REIFlow.

Imports is a tool where you can create custom import apps that will allow you to import your excel files directly into REIFlow. Use the tool to create an app by pulling in any REIFLow field from the Lead, Property, Detail or Contact Apps.  Then use the Podio Import Tool to import your leads into that app.  REIFlow will take care of the rest.

Get 50% Off!

Become a Beta User and get 50% off the release price of $97 /mo. This offer is limited to the first 20 people who sign up.

Sneak Peak of REIFlow in Action

Video is worth a 1000 pictures, so let me show you a quick video of REIFlow in action. I’ll add a lead and some details about the lead so you can get a feel for how it works.

What is REIFlow?

REIFlow is a complete Podio Workspace for Real Estate Wholesalers that you can have installed onto your Podio Account with a few clicks of a button. It includes 12 Apps that work together to create a Lead Management system.

Beta users help REIFlow be as good as it possibly can be.

I created REIFlow because, while Podio is an Incredible tool, it is very overwhelming for most people to setup and use. That is even without taking into consideration Globiflow. What real estate investor has the time to learn Podio and system development?

I’ve spent the last 18 months learning Podio and all it has to offer to try and help you out. Even after creating dozens of tutorials I came to the conclusion the best way I can help out is to create a done for you system that you can install with one click of a button…I did just that!

Here is an example video of how easy it is to setup…

REIFlow has 13 Apps that work together to form a complete lead management system for Wholesalers. To find out more information about each app click the link below.

App Details
What makes REIFlow stand out even more then general real estate workspaces is that it comes with baked in Automations that help you manage your leads.

Automation Details

The Beta User Discount

As a beta user you will become the most valuable user REIFlow can have. You will help REIFlow be as good as it possibly can be. For that reason I want to offer the 20 beta users a 50% discount on the price for life.

Beta User Price
$97.50 /mo
50% off release price of $97/mo

Don't Miss Out!

Become a Beta User and get 50% off the release price of $97 /mo. This offer is limited to the first 20 people who sign up.


Here are some answers to a few questions that I’ve gotten so far about REIFLow.

  • What Podio Plan must I have to use REIFlow?

    REIFlow will work on any Podio Plan, even the Free Plan. In fact I suggest using the free version of Podio if you are just starting out. You can easily upgrade if you find you need something Podio offers. REIFlow will still work if you upgrade/downgrade your Podio Plan.

  • Do I still have to Pay for Podio?

    Yes. REIFlow is a 3rd party tool/service that runs on the Podio Platform. Any Podio Plan that you select will be an additional cost paid to Podio.

  • Does REIFlow use GLOBIFLOW?

    No. REIFlow leverages the same Podio API that GlobiFlow uses, but does not use Globiflow in Any way.

  • Can I use GLOBIFLOW with REIFlow?

    Yes. You may use GlobiFlow in conjunction with REIFlow to enhance your Podio Workspace. Please note that while it will work, you may run the risk of creating a GlobiFlow Flow that conflicts with an REIFlow Automation.

50% Off!

By being in the beta program you are not only saving a lot of money you have the opportunity to help shape REIFlow into a system that perfectly fits your business. Become a beta user by clicking the button below…

Become a Beta User

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      Hi Justin,

      I think so, but I’m a bit biased 🙂 I do definitely recommend some sort of lead management system to help you stay on track. Whether it’s excel, podio itself or reiflow it’s a good idea to have something. Advantage of REIFlow is that you don’t have to create your system.

      What do you think your needs are?


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      Hey Joshua,

      Good question. At this time REIFlow can not auto send offers. However, that feature will be implemented next year once I have built out the Flow Tool to support it. You can use globiflow to do this, but of course that is an additional expense (to pay globiflow not me) if you don’t already have it.

  1. Do you, your staff, or any affiliate have access to my leads and info? Will I be admin?

    I recently had a nationwide investor whom had a proprietary system and their team was contacting my leads that were hosted in their system. At first I thought it was co incidence so I set a trap to determine if my leads were being stolen. no longer use that system.

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      Hey Gregory,

      I will not have access to your Podio Workspace where you will be the admin. REIFlow however does store copies of your lead data in a database that I maintain. This copying of the data is needed to limit the number of queries made to Podio and thus speeding up the systems response time. Podio limits the number of times an application can Get, Update, Create and Delete items from a podio workspace per hour. Storing a copy of the data in the database reduces REIFlow’s need to use up the hourly allotment of Actions.

      With that said, I am the only one with access to the database and I WILL NOT share, copy or modify that data with out your written consent. What those people did with your information and just steeling leads out from underneath you is terrible!

      If you have any other questions or concerns please let me know, I’ll be happy to answer anything.

  2. Hi Scott, how does this product differ to investorfuse? Separately, I think that $97/month is a little steep given what GF costs. What are your thoughts about that? Thanks

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      Hi Jim,

      I appreciate the questions. REIFlow differs from investor fuse in that REIFlow is my interpretation on how a wholesaler would work within Podio and how it is setup. I’ve taken what I’ve learned in Podio and created the best system that I know how to create. I haven’t used InvestorFuse at all and have only seen a small demo of it. To me it seemed cluttered and I didn’t like the way it was structured…just my feelings. It really is just personally preference. Also InvestorFuse’s price is $197/mo which I found to be too rich for my blood.

      As for globiflow being had for ~$35/mo now (for the base level plan) I can see what you are saying. However people who can use globiflow and do exactly what they need to do with it and are willing to do it, are not my target audience. REIFlow is meant to include a 1 click setup to install my entire workspace of Apps, contain basic and advanced automations to hit the ground running. Plus you’ll get continued support and upgrades. It’s like getting an Investor Carrot website versus creating your own custom built website.

      In the end REIFlow is all about making Podio easier to use and much more powerful with out having to get GlobiFlow. When it comes to the differences between REIFlow and InvestorFuse it’s personally preference. Right now InvestorFuse has more features no doubt, but I’ll catch them at some point and my price won’t move from $97.

      Thanks again for your questions and comments, I appreciate them all man whether they be positive or negative. 🙂

  3. Hi Scott,

    I’m quite willing to become a beta user, however I’m focusing on non-US markets so I would need to pull in data from APIs other than Zillow, which I am sure I can figure out. My question is whether you are using podio calcs to grab API info or your own GET, or whether this could be done with Zapier. I guess the issue is whether or not I could get access to the back-end. Thanks, Tim

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      Hey Tim,

      I am not using podio calcs for pulling the API data from zillow, only google maps api. Zillow info is pulled in using a custom service I developed to make the API call and then parse the information.

      To answer your other question…I can not allow access to the back-end, but you would be free to use GlobiFlow or write your own service to pull in the information you need and attach it to REIFlow. Only warning is that you have to make sure that it doesn’t get in the way of an REIFlow process or things could go wrong.

  4. Scott does the REIFlow Beta system, once installed inside Poido at a Workflow Location, permit email and auto responder systems along with with emails from Freedomvoice containers mp3 leas messages from Sellers, Buyers, RTO and Sellerfinance Buyers etc. off of Carrot or similar landing pages who have opted in with their phone , email and name information>
    Also as you add other items to this system will the monthly fee of $37 for beta users be increased.
    Finally can a customer add any podio apps for rei from inside podio?

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      Hi Barry,

      Lot’s of questions there, let me see if I can answer them for you as best I can.

      REIFlow doesn’t prevent you from using other tools to help enhance the experience. You can feel free to hook up Freedomvoice if you know how to do that. You can add fields to REIFLow as well, but I wouldn’t remove/modify existing fields as that might cause issues with the REIFLOW Automations.

      If you want to use FreedomVoice, you could create an Input App Form using the REIFflow Form tool that matches up with the information you get from FreedomVoice. Then just direct all your voicemails into that App. REIFlow would then automatically pull those into the system. You could also use Globiflow to pull in leads from other custom apps as well.

      REIFlow has an integration with Carrot built in. You just need to copy a link from REIFlow to a specific spot in your Carrot Form setup. Then it will work as long as you are using the default carrot forms. If you changed the forms then you’ll have to do some field mappings in REIFlow to get it to work.

      REIFlow beta users pay $47/mo (not sure where you got $37 from). That price will not go up as I add features. The price after the beta period is over will be $97 for all new subscribers.

      A customer can add their own custom Apps to the REIFlow workspace if they wish. However you will have to manage those custom apps yourself because REIFlow will not know about them. Does that make sense?

      Hope that answered your questions 🙂


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