ReiFlow for Podio Update: Automate Task Creation

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REIFlow for Podio is entering it’s last stage of development. The goal is to be ready for its first round of Beta Testing in Mid July. I know a lot of you are waiting for the release which has me excited!

In this post I wanted to show you all one of the really cool features of REIFlow…Custom Task Creation.

A great way to manage your leads and keep yourself on track is to use tasks to dictate your work flow. I know many Podio users use the Tasks feature to help schedule out there days, weeks and months.

For me, the process of thinking what tasks need to be done and then manually creating them each time something occurred was a daunting task.

Why did I create Custom Tasks?

When I first started developing REIFlow the plan was to program into the system a tasks that I thought everyone would want. The idea behind my thinking was two fold…

  1. To make the system as easy and simple as possible.
  2. If I came up with the tasks, users wouldn’t have to. We all like a set formula for doing things.

Everyone did things differently
After talking and observing other investors and how they do business I quickly realized that my original thinking wouldn’t work. Everyone did things differently.

Seeing this, I realized that I needed to give the user the ability to setup Custom Task Templates.

Basically what this means is that a user can create a rule which says…”if this action happens, create this task”.

What are Custom Tasks?

When this happens…create a task for me to do this
Custom Tasks are a simple concept in REIFlow. The basic premise is “When this happens…create a task for me to do this”.

Here are a couple examples of what I’m talking about…

Example #1

Lead: You get a call from Johnny Seller. He inherited a house that is a mess and needs a ton of repairs. He isn’t in a hurry to sell the house and is looking to maximize the sale price.

Podio Action: You think this lead has potential, but feel it would be best to follow up with him in a couple of weeks. So we update the Follow Up field to 1 month for the lead item.

Task Created: ReiFlow auto-creates a task that adds “Follow Up with Johnny Seller” on your calendar for 1 month from today.

Example #2

Lead: A new lead comes in and the seller is highly motivated.

Podio Action: You create the lead in REIFlow and mark it as motivated.

Task Created: ReiFlow auto-creates a tasks for (1) Create a property workup (2) Make an appointment to see the house. It then assigns these tasks to your Property Partner.

See it in Action

Here is an video demonstrating how Custom Tasks are implemented in REIFlow. In this video I create a custom task to call a lead. This task will be triggered on marking the lead’s motivation level to Highly Motivated.

Tell me what you think

What do you think of this REIFlow feature? Do you see yourself using it?

Additionally, if you have any ideas that might enhance this feature I’d love to hear them!

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  1. Hey Scott,
    I can’t wait for the release. I have had a time trying to set up my Podio to address automatic flows, especially since the thing with Globiflow (I did not have the service). By the way, i began my Podio journey with your LeadFlow set up. Will this setup also address the automation of contract generation?

    1. Post

      Hi Cheryl,

      So happy I was able to push your towards using Podio 🙂

      The initial release will allow for the creation of custom contracts to a PDF file. There is an App where you can create a document template. You can then create a contract based off this template.

    1. Post

      No globiflow here. What you see in the video is created by using the Podio API. My code to create the tasks is triggered by a Podio webhook. It then scans the “Task Manager” App Items and creates any tasks that you have setup.

  2. Scott, once u define tasks for a particular lead can u reuse that task for another lead. The list of tasks u wud do will be mostly similar for each lead. Call them, home visit, follow up in 30 days, send paperwork, pull comps etc. So it makes sense to reuse predefined tasks with an option to modify tasks.

    Thx sri

    1. Post


      A user can setup a Custom Task “flow” to have a task be created on any action in the REIFlow Podio Workspace (Create or Update). These “Task flows” are templates that would apply to all leads. Is that what you were asking/saying?

  3. Hi Scott,
    I couldn’t wait for your release and funny enough, geniuses (yes, I’m modest LOL) think alike. I have created a similar workflow, but maybe my workarounds in Globiflow are a little strange for a technical guy like you. But in the end, we achieve the same thing. If you want, I’m open for a phone call with you and share what I have done. My contribution to the openness of your blogs and videos. Just let me know.

    1. Post

      Hey Nadia!

      It’s always awesome to hear someone take the initiative and come up with a solution that fits their business model. Great work! What I did here does not use GlobiFlow at all, it actually uses the Podio API directly. Which is how Globiflow does it’s magic too.

      I’d love to see what you have done, would you mind shooting a video and explaining it? It would be great to share on my blog as well (with your permission that is).

  4. This is awesome Scott not creating tasks is great for the user because every ones priorities for business and life are different cant wait to see what this will automate my wholesale business great video keep up the great work!

    1. Post

      The Custom Tasks that you would be able to create are Templates (or Task Workflows for another term). They would apply to any lead you perform the action that triggers the task template.

      Does that makes sense?

  5. Looks great. I have gone through your setup that you shared and at the point where the automation would be a great next step. Let me know when you’re ready.

  6. I am chomping at the bit. I need this app. Working and investing in real estate leaves small chunks of time in which I have to accomplish a ton.
    Automation is the key!

    1. Post
  7. I have gone as far as I can with Podio as is – and globiflow isn’t an option – so I am excited about the release.

    I’ve been trying to do a countdown “-30 days since I made contact with this person” so that I can see who I need to talk with first. It would be the last contact date – today, but it’s not really working well for a couple of reasons.

    I used to work for a computer shop and build websites for friends/family. I appreciate how much work goes into this – thanks for your efforts!

    1. Post

      Hi Elizabeth,

      Your countdown field strategy would work well if done in GlobiFlow (if you had access to it). Otherwise a calculation field wouldn’t work to well because in order for a calculation field to be updated, a field it references must be updated. This has to be done manually. You need like a nightly process to run and update the “Count down” field value.

      REIFlow doesn’t have that capability right now either. Though I do plan on adding more and more “Globiflow” type custom workflow features in the future.

  8. Hi Scott,
    I love the ability to customize the tasks to my particular business model. Will it start out with a default task for a particular scenario, for instance the way your tasks are set up for your business? Or do we start completely from scratch?
    Also, I’d love to be a beta tester.

    1. Post

      Hi Jerry,

      I haven’t thought about that yet, but it’s a good question. If I do include a “default” set of task templates, it will be minimal at first. Though it brings up the idea of having different “Task Packages” that one could install.

  9. Looks great, I am using a role based system so I can transition myself out of the process eventually and be able to hire and fire VA’s easily without loosing assigned tasks. The tasks (new item in tasks app) are assigned to a role vs a person. Is this something you have considered or are able to tweak in this setup?

  10. Scott,
    Just came across your blog last month. I am a RE investor in Austin, TX. I’ve setup my podio using Podio Joe’s recommendations but your REIflow is WAY better.

    I will gladly be a PAYING beta tester. I’ve been a web developer for a number of years and have lots of experience using different types of software and integrations.

    I would love to provide you feedback for beta access. Please let me know if this interests you.

  11. I am in the process of just learning podio. Actually went onto Youtube about a week ago and found 1 of your videos on there explaining some of the details and how to link up with my real estate site. Trust me when I tell you that people need this information. Great Article Scott!

  12. Scott,
    I don’t understand how these custom tasks are different from the tasks you can trigger in podios workflow that’s inside of Podio already.

    1. Post

      Great Question Anthony! Compared to what you get with the FREE version of Podio, REIFlow will allow you to create a task dependent on a value the field was updated too, not just whether it has been updated. Podio only allows you to do that if you upgrade your subscription to a plus or premium plan.

      This means that you can create task flows for every different value of a category field.

      for example…

      If I update the Follow Up field to 2 Weeks REIFlow will create a task to call the seller in 2 weeks.
      If I update the Follow Up field to 1 Month REIFlow will create a task to call the seller in 1 month.

      You can’t do that with the Free Workflow capabilities that Podio gives you. You’d have to upgrade your account to the Plus ($14/mo) or Premium ($24/mo) plan to do this.

      Hope that answers your question

    1. Post

      Hi Brent,

      I’m putting the final touches on the system before I release it for beta testing. Stay on the email list (or get on it) so you get the email I’ll be sending out when I’m ready.

      Thanks for throwing your hate in the ring!

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