Can Men Multitask?

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I recently watched an episode of Mythbusters on my DVR in which they pitted men vs women in various scenarios to see if certain gender myths held true.  One of those myths tried to determine who can multitask better.  I personally believes it’s all dependent on the person, I’ve seen women who are terrible multitaskers and men who are great at it and vice versa.

I’ll be honest and say I don’t multitask so well, I can do it, but it just takes way to much energy for me.  I much prefer to do each task one by one in a logical order.   Like going down my task list and checking each task off one at a time.  The order of it all helps me feel in control and my stress level goes down which allows me to think more clearly.

MultitaskingWith the Memorial Day weekend cutting into my real estate business time, I needed to try and squeeze more in during the remaining 4 week day nights.  How was I going to do that? Multitasking.

Tuesday night I needed to put together over 250 mailers to get back on track.  This is a lot to do over a 3 hour stretch when I can typically do only about 150 max doing each step of the process in order.  From printing, to stuffing to sealing to stamping.  It’s easier to do all like tasks at one time.  However I needed to do things quicker.  It was a crazy night let me tell ya!  I stuffed while printing, stamped and sealed at the same time.  Paper was everywhere!  That printer was lucky it only jammed a half dozen times or it was going over the loft.  In the end I got all 250+ ready to go out.

Last night (Wednesday), I need to exercise because I had put it off the previous night in order to put all the mailings together.  I don’t like going more then 3 days in between runs or I can really feel the difference.   Since the last time I ran was Sunday, it had to be done.  The only problem was that I had signed up for a real estate seminar that was going to be starting at 9.  I figured  to put my son to bed by 8, make something quick and lite to eat and I’d be able to finish my run just before 9 and be good.

Of course my son wouldn’t go to sleep until 8:30 so eating and running before the seminar was out of the question.  So what to do?

I grabbed my ipad, downloaded the gotomeeting app and logged into the seminar so i could at least watch it while I was running.  Unfortunately, the sound on the Ipad was not loud enough for me to hear over the treadmill noise, but lucky enough there was also a call in number for audio.  So I just put some headphones on my phone and called in.  I managed to run my 5k, watch the seminar on my ipad and listen to the seminar over my phone.   I almost enjoyed running better while listening to content then listening to music.  Maybe it was just the fact that I pulled it off…haha.   I just might start loading up audio books on my phone in the future though.

So what sort of crazy multitasking have you done recently?

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  1. Hey Scott –

    Why don’t you try this; print your letters yourself, and find someone to fold, stuff and hand address them. I have a grad student that does them for $10 a hundred. Get your life back, and get your direct mail back on track at the same time.


    1. Post

      How did you find your local person to do this for you? Did you post an ad on craigslist?

      My end goal at this point is to try and take everything virtual. Get those leads finding me instead of me finding the leads.

  2. Scott –

    My daughter suggested the lifeguard at the property where she works who is in graduate school. But I would just ask around or run an add on Craig’s List. I am doing a series on my blog now about using VA’s now.

    BTW, there are some plugins for your blog that will notify folks that their comment has been “responded to”. I just happened to check back otherwise I wouldn’t have known you left me a message.You should check that out.

    I am really trying to outsource too. That is my big thing for this year; get rid of work. Email me if you have any questions.


  3. I’m kind of strange and I time myself….I reward myself if I can beat my best time when I have arduous tasks to get completed!

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