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I think I’m going to have to start calling the Marketing Monday series of posts Marketing Tuesday because it seems that’s when I have time to post it, haha.  I would, but it sounds better the first way.  After completing my 400 letters in 10 days challenge (I’ve still yet to get Aaron’s mailing info so I can send him his prize), I’m going to be doing a little Marketing Testing.  It is always wise to test new things with your mailers.  If you don’t test, you’ll never understand what truly works and what doesn’t.  Also, just changing things up every once in a while keeps you more interested.

A few things you can change on your Envelope for testing purposes are…

  • Envelope Size, Color or Style
  • Stamp placement, design and number of them
  • Return address on front or back of envelope
  • Using a decorative stamp as return address
  • Subtle decorations on envelope (i’m going to try holiday themed this year)
  • Just using the recipients first name
  • Purposefully damaging the envelope in some way (crinkle, crease or tear)
I haven’t really tried any of these yet, but I’m going to be taking the next couple months and give each one of these items a try.  I will be tracking each method and seeing which returns are the best.
My first attempt will be to change the Color of the envelopes.   I got 4 packs of  50 assorted colored envelopes from staples (they were on sale).  Each package contains 10 of  orange, blue, yellow, pink and green envelopes.  I’m going to try and keep track of which color works best as well.  Hopefully with 200 mailers, I’ll have a big enough sample size to draw a conclusion.  Stay tuned!
Here are the actual envelopes I’m using.  They are 4.75 x 6.50 and are made to fit 4×6 photographs.
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  2. I have been checking out your blog and there is a lot of interesting things here. It will take me some time to get caught up on everything. I like seeing the marketing ideas and eventually seeing if the pay off. It is good to see how much has to be done to generate a single lead. It is not easy but persistence pays off.

    I have 13 rentals that I have acquired over 4 years. I now plan to give flipping a try (because I am tired of the tenants). I have contracts on 2 houses that should be excellent flip candidates. I am learning as I go, and your blog is a great resource.

    I also have a blog where I am detailing my experiences. It is new and has with very little content. I am going to document my transition to flipping. I will also add some info about land lording because I know that pretty well. I also plan to add one new market technique a month and will document it progress.

    I am new to blogging and welcome any input on my blog. You can see it at:

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      hi Don,

      I’m sure you will have no problem transitioning to wholesaling/Flipping from doing the landlord thing. The challenges are different for sure as you have to spend more time looking for deals and marking. It is a lot of hard work and you have to be consistent. The same is very true with blogging. You have to keep at it and don’t expect results (i.e. traffic) at first. It has taken me 3+ years to get consistent traffic. Even still it has leveled off over the past 6 months and I’m looking for ways to increase it.

      Keep up the hard work and let me know if I can help you out in any way.

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      1. Also, have you tried “lumpy mail”? Basically you put something inside the envelope so that it’s not just a flat piece of paper?

        And is your CommentLuv thing not working anymore? Or maybe it’s something wrong on my site. Hmm…

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          I’ve always thought lumpy mail was a great idea, but putting something in there will cost me extra money. At this point I can’t afford that.

          I’ve had a few people say they’ve had problems with commentluv on my site recently. But I haven’t had much time to check it out. I will though

          1. Yeah, lumpy mail sounds good, but also sounds like more work and money. Maybe you can just put a penny in there? Though that may not be legal… 🙂

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            I’ve thought about putting a bunch of things in my direct mail to make them lumpy, but eve if the item cost 25 cents, it gets expensive real quick! Why might sending a penny be illegal?

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  4. I think you can also try Jampaper because they have different varieties of envelopes in different sizes and colors. Also paper, cardstock, folder, shopping bags , portfolios and more.

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