2 Week Challenge Update: 124 More Completed

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I wish I would have picked another 10 day period to challenge myself!  I’ve had so much go on this past week and a half it has been crazy.  Here is a quick recap of what had to get done in these 10 days…

  1. I’ve had 1 real estate meeting
  2. Snow storm that knocked out the power for about 12 hours
  3. 2 trips to the car dealer to try and fix a problem (not resolved  yet and will be going back to another dealer thursday)
  4. Needed to paint the Nursery and put strips on one wall (turned out pretty good for a first time striper)
  5. Needed to make progress on the shelves i’m building in the garage so we have room to put all our crap when the baby comes
  6. Wife was sick and stayed home from work one evening
All that and I still have 3 more days of my challenge to go!
Last week I managed a measly 135 mailers, but I managed to whip out 124 more between yesterday and today.  Here is the break down

135 + 124  = 259 Mailers Completed

400 – 259 = 141 Mailers to go

I should be able to do that over the final 3 days of the week for sure.  I am debating whether I should go to a meeting tomorrow night.  If I do go it’ll be tough to get the mailings done because I plan on asking my mom and dad to help stuff some envelopes on Thursday.  If I don’t have everything printed out by then I miss out on that opportunity.  Decisions Decisions
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      This last 141 is going to have to be all new lists as well, so I’m going to have to create them off the tax records. Not a big deal, but takes more time. I hate when I pull a list and only end up with 15 leads.

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