2 Week Challenge Update: 135 Down and a lot to go

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Well I got off to a rough start this week on my 12 day challenge to reach 400 mailers.   I got put behind right from the beginning on Monday when I’m not sure what the hell happened and got nothing done.  Tuesday and Wednesday I put together the 135 Mailers with great speed.  Here is the break down of the time it took me to accomplish the task…

  1. Create the Lists – 10 Minutes
  2. Scrub the lists – 20 Minutes
  3. Upload and Schedule my mailings in SI Lead Manager – 5 Minutes
  4. Print Letters – 22 Minutes
  5. Print Envelopes – 38 Minutes
  6. Stuff Envelopes – 34 Minutes
  7. Seal Envelopes – 14 Minutes
  8. Put Stamps On Envelopes – 31 Minutes
  9. Decorate Envelopes – 17 Minutes
So the grand total of time is:  191 Minutes (or 3 Hours and 1 Minute)
Unfortunately I also had a real estate meeting last night for my mastermind group and got no new mailers done.   I’m going to have to make up for lost time this weekend and then hit it hard come Monday.
I love how everyone is rooting me on and it is really helping me stay motivated.  It’s going to be a good feeling to give away my copy of Steve Cook’s Wholesaling for Quick Cash.
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  1. Hi Scott,

    Well at least your back on track. I went to the meeting at the diner, but they said it was cancelled? Do you know whats up with that?

    Thanks, keep plugging along!

    1. Post

      I heard it was cancelled as well. From what I could figure out, it looks like the restaurant where the meeting is has done some major remodeling and has been giving Jon some problems of late. Also Jon said that there wasn’t a lot of RSVPs for that meeting so in conjunction with the remodeling he decided to cancel. I’m surprised he didn’t let everyone know before hand though.

    1. Post

      I go in spurts depending on the week. If something comes up on a Monday or Tuesday it completely throws me off. It helps that I have a partner who I must hold up my end of the bargain with. That is a big help actually

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