Marketing Monday: Getting Buyers on the List

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Coaching Call

On my coaching call last Monday I found out that Kasey read my blog post prior to calling.   She really liked the idea of  putting down my weekly goals on “paper” and was thinking of recommending it to the rest of the coaching group.  Part of my reasoning for writing these posts, was to prepare for the call and give me a clear plan of attack.

I call these posts “Marketing Monday” because my main focus is going to be marketing and I’ll be sharing my experiences and handing out some tips.

Last week I got a few phone calls from earlier marketing efforts.  Lance and I talked to two of the ladies on the phone and setup appointments to go see their houses.  One of them sounds like it could be a deal depending on what the condition of the house actually is.  It’s in a really nice area and the owner makes it sound like it’s not in good condition, but that might be relative to what she is used to.

The other lady I feel may not be motived to sell.  She hung on to my letter since the summer though, and the house is on my way home from work, so I figured to just take a look and chat with her.  Can’t hurt.

Review of last week

Last week started off pretty well.  I put together the out of state owner’s mail pieces for Mt. Arlington and Wharton and mailed them out.  These took me longer then expected because I was trying an entirely new mail piece that included 4 stamps, hand written addresses, a posted note and a small stamped pattern on the left side of the envelope.  They look awesome and I can’t imagine them not being opened by anyone.  If you write a comment below and send me an email, I’ll mail you one of the letters to see if you open it.  Seriously!

Later in the week I got an opportunity to make some extra marketing money by fixing a friend’s parents computer.  It took up 3 of the 4 hours I set aside for building my buyers lists, but the $50 was worth it.    So the downside was that I didn’t have much chance to build my buyers list and that is why you’ll see a repost of those tasks for this week.

This Weeks Goals


Main Focus: Put together mail pieces for Morristown and Rockaway Twp.

Additional task (time permitting): call Lance to catch up since he was on vacation last week


Main Focus: Create a budgeting spreadsheet.  Possibly use Quick Books??

Additional tasks: Create second mailing letter for probate leads (possibly use Out-of-State letter?)  didn’t do this last week


Main Focus: Pull list of all cash sales in GSMLS and record into excel spread sheet

Additional tasks: Create letter to send to buyers


Main Focus: Upload list of cash buyers into google doc

Additional tasks: Create database to store buyers


Main Focus: work on Mindmap for Real Estate Investing business (create scheme for finding buyers)

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  1. Scott,
    I’d love to see the mailing piece you sent out to folk. Additionally, nice to meet you, as we are in the same boat with our goals. Great blog/articles, very informative and helpful for me…

  2. @Scott – regarding budgeting, you may want to check out a few online tool like and I personally use Mint and love it – but will admit that its more of a post-mordem budget tracker than real time.

    Regarding the buyer’s list – be on the look-out for my upcoming guest post on where I’ll be discussing the importance of finding 3 big-time real estate rehabbers (BUYERS) like me.

    1. I actually use Mint for my personal finances. I like it, but wanted to see what something like quick books could do for businesses. Admittedly though I haven’t tried out for business purposes either.

      I’ll be sure to look out for your guest post on Steph’s blog. You always share great information!

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