Printing Letters And Envelopes The Easy Way

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Over the past 8 months I’ve been developing a Real Estate Lead Management software that will help me keep track of all my probate lead lists and the mailings I’m sending.  The program does much more then that and my end goal is to use it for all marketing and seller information.  As of now the program will only run on Windows based PC, sorry for anyone who is using a mac as I don’t know how to program for that just yet.

After my initial beta release (which you can download by filling out the form in the upper right column of my site) I realized that I needed to redesign how I scheduled and printed out mailers and envelopes.  I’m not completely done, but getting very close.   For those interested, here is a quick video demonstration of keeping track of scheduled mailings, printing out the letters and envelopes.  Hope you like it..

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