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30DCMUHere is my 30 day update for my 30 day challenge.  I’ve yet to receive any leads to this point, but they will come in do time.  I’ve broken the update down into a few sections (adwords, analytics, keywords) and tried to explain some of the stats and their importance.  Hopefully this will help anyone who is struggling to figure all of this out.



  • 1707 impressions (total times ad has been shown)
  • 20 click throughs
  • 1.17% CTR (click through rate)
  • $0.35 Cost per click
  • $7.07 Total cost
  • 4.2 average ad position (4th or 5th ad on the right side of a google search)

Campaign: New Jersey Probate

  • 775 impressions
  • 12 clicks
  • 1.55% CTR
  • $0.34 CPC
  • $4.02 TC
  • 4.4 AAP

Campaign: New Jersey Probate Will

  • 203 impressions
  • 5 clicks
  • 2.46% CTR
  • $0.40 CPC
  • $2.00 TC
  • 2.8 AAP

Campaign: New Jersey Estate

  • 729 Impressions
  • 3 Clicks
  • 0.41% CTR
  • $0.35 CPC
  • $1.05 TC
  • 4.3 AAP

After initially setting up the Adword campaigns I haven’t really modified them.  My CTR for New Jersey Probate Will is not bad at 2.46%, but for my main keyword New Jersey Probate (1.55%) and New Jersey Estate (0.41%) my CTR is too low and I need to adjust the ads a bit and see if I can increase the clicks.

My Current Ads…

This ad is the weakest of the 3, only getting me a 0.47% CTR.  I will change this one around and see what happens.

2.46% CTR – Good but will try to improve by adjusting a word here and there.

1.96% CTR – I’m gonna try and change the call to action (“must read on how to do it!”) and see if I can improve the CTR

I’ve spent just over $7 to get 20 clicks or 35 cents per click to my site.  In the beginning I was worried that I would be getting to much traffic and spending a crap load of money, but as you can see that is not the case.  I guess for such a targeted market it shouldn’t be a worry.

My Ads have an average position of 4.2, which means it has been showing up on the first page of Google searches for the above keywords.  This is the intent and is driven by your maximum bid for a given keyword.  Mine are $0.50 for each.  If someone bids higher I will drop.

Overall I’m happy with the Adwords experiment and I may expand it in the near future.  I will be testing out new ads however to try and achieve a higher CTR.  All in all a great way to drive traffic to your site.

Analytics Stats

Total Visitors: 68

  • 66 Unique visitors
  • 45 from Search Engines (google)
  • 22 from Direct Traffic (typing in url directly)
  • 1 from hubpages.com

Over the past week or so there has been an increase in traffic to the site.  As you can see today I had the most visits (8) I’ve ever had.  Hopefully this trend will continue and make me happy.

Of the 68 visitors there where 22 from direct traffic which my guess is from me and some people from this blog checking out the site.  You’re throwing off my stats people!!  Haha just kidding.

Other Stats

  • 93 Page views
  • 1.37 average pageviews
  • 43 seconds avg time on site
  • 80.88% bounce rate

These are just nice to look at once in a while.  The bounce rate and time on site are the two most important stats here.  Bounce rate is the percentage of people who leave your site without looking around at other articles, one and done.  In a blog format a high bounce rate is not necessarily bad per say because blogs tend to be just one long page of articles.

I would like to increase the average time on site as this is indicative of the quality of your content.  The better it is the longer people will stay reading what you have, and the more likely they will click on my squeeze page ad.

Keywords (clicks)

  • New jersey probate (5)
  • Avoid probate in nj (2)
  • Probate in new jersey (2)
  • 3b: 10-3 small estate affidavit new jersey
  • Advantages of will versus intestate
  • Avoiding probate in nj, 2009
  • Beneficiary rights sold asset nj
  • Bergan county probate office, wills
  • Can a copy of a will be probated in new jersey
  • Can an heir transfer share before property goes to probate in nj
  • Can we sell the house before probate closes the estate
  • Getting money out of probate new jersey
  • How do I probate a will in nj
  • How is tenancy by the entireties created in nj
  • How to avoid probate new jersey when there is a will
  • How to probate a will in nj
  • If you have a joint bank account and one person dies what happens
  • In new jersey, once a will goes into probate does that have to take a long time
  • Is it illegal not to probate a will in nj
  • Is probate necessary to sell a house in nj
  • New jersey probate.com
  • New jersey wills and probate law what happens with joint accounts left in other jurisdictions
  • New jersey wills probate
  • Newjerseyprobate.org
  • Nj bank joint tenancy laws
  • Nj probate pod
  • Nj successor trustee accounts
  • Payable on death beneficiary nj
  • Probate estate nj
  • Probate process house nj
  • Probate process in new jersey
  • Probating will nj
  • Probating wills new jersey
  • Selling home in probate
  • State of nj.org
  • Testate estate nj
  • Transfer ownership of house to relative new jersey
  • View wills online new jersey
  • Will vs. intestate

Being able to see the keyword terms a visitor used to find your site is gold!  There is so much I can get from this information it’s tough to know where to start.  First off I can tell if people are actually finding my site using my targeted keyword phrase.  And in fact they are, so that is good.  Here is a list of other information I can get from looking at the keywords above.

  • Find additional keywords to base articles on
  • Create a FAQ to answer questions people are asking about probate
  • I can see which keywords produce visitors that stay on my site longer
  • If my main keyword New Jersey Probate gets people to my site, but they only stay for a few seconds I know my content needs to be improved.
  • You can determine a “hot” topic of the week if you get a lot of hits from one particular keyword in a short period of time.  Write a quick article on that topic
  • Most important you learn what your target market is actually interested in finding out.  By slightly changing your content you might be able to drastically improve your traffic.

Keyword Rankings

Keyword: New Jersey Probate

  • Broad Match: 12th
  • Phrase Match: 3rd
  • Back Links 0
  • Page Rank N/R

Slowly my site is moving back to the top as I had hoped.  My last update I was at 22nd for broad match and 15th for phrase match, so this is a good sign.   Google has yet to show that I have any backlinks.  From everything that I’ve read, Google knows about the backlinks I do have, but just is not reporting it.  I am still wondering why I don’t have at least one though.  I’ll give it another month and then really start digging into reasons.

My Page Rank, which is the score that google gives each individual page on your site is still an N/R.  That is where you start off and the lowest you can have.  The next step is PR0, then PR1 and so on.  A PR4 or higher is considered excellent, but hopefully I can get a PR0 sometime before Christmas.  PRs are based on a number of factors including, Backlinks, Content, age of your domain and more.


There is still a lot of work to be done to get more traffic to my site.  Everything is a trial and error at this point in the game, so if you are following along be patient as your hard work will pay off.  I can guarantee you that not many investors in your market are taking the time, like we are, to establish such a large web presence.

Keep on working it, because you know I will!

P.S. I will update again when I reach 200 visitors

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