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IM CraigslistAfter what seemed like way to long and a few change of directions, I’ve finally written the 10 articles about foreclosures.  I will start advertising the artiles tomorrow on craigslist to see how well different advertisements work.   I will post 4 different types of ads over a 2 week period and use google analytics to track which produced the most hits.

Types of Ads

  1. A ad that just has the link to my site
  2. A picture ad
  3. ad advertising some of the articles
  4. Place one of my articles in the ad with a link at the bottom leading to my site

In accordance with craiglist rules I can only post these ads every 48 hours, so that is what I will do.  Since I’m concentrating on Northern New Jersey, I will only post them in there and I will be using the Real Estate Services section.


On the website, I will also have links that go to my seller squeeze page in hopes of pulling in some leads.

I’m not expected big results, but it’ll be interesting to see which type of ad brings more page views.

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