Audio: What Investing Strategy is Right for You?

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nicheIf you saw my first ever blog post, I had so many unaswered questions running through my head that it really caused me to put off real estate investing.   I’m sure there are plenty of you who are experiencing the same uncertainty.

You can’t possibly answer all the questions before getting started or you’ll never get anywhere and soon you will just give up.

The first step is to identify the truly important questions.  Those questions will be almost identical for everyone getting started…

  1. What are my strengths (do I have money, do I have time, etc…)?
  2. What are my weaknesses (is my credit bad? do I know people in the business?)
  3. What is my Strategy?

Eric Medemar, who has been investing in real estate for over 7 years and is the owner and operator of The Millionaire’s Blog, was kind enough to provide us with an audio about Finding Your Niche. I’ve included the audio at the end of this post.

Eric started out as a Realtor and soon after began buying investment houses.  He has extensive experience with rental properties as well as wholesaling and is an excellent teacher.  You can find Eric posting helpful replies at and

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