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schoolClass yesterday went pretty quickly.  We covered the types of contracts you can sign with a seller in order to list their property.

Open Contract: Who ever brings in a buyer gets the commission

Exclusive Agency: Only agents of the signing broker can sell the house.  You yourself can also find a buyer, and if that happens you don’t pay the brokerage a commission.

Exclusive Rights: This is the most common type of agreement and states that during the contract life, if the house sells the broker will get a commission.

Net Pay: This type of contract says that a seller and their broker agree to sell a house for a set value (say 200k).  If the agent sells the house for more then 200k, then the brokerage will receive the difference as commission.  This is illegal in NJ.

So…anyone learn something new today?

We also covered hazards in the home such as mold, radon, lead paint, etc.  These classes really take up some time during the week, leaving me little free time to do much else.  I haven’t studied outside of class yet, but I continually do well on the post chapter quizzes and I got an 80% (70% is passing) on the chapter 1 thru 9 test.   They main thing I’m going to have to review before the test are all the Laws that were passed and what they covered.  I tend to mix them all up in my head.

IM CraigslistIM – Craigslist Marketing

I wanted to see if I could find a way to track ‘ad views’ in craigslist.  I first looked into using Google Analytics but quickly discovered that since it is Script based (read java) that it wouldn’t work in the HTML only craiglist ads.  I then thought about using which is HTML, but read that craigslist is rejected ads with that code.

The answer???  it’s pretty simple.  Use to track ad views.  How this works is you’ll put a tiny image in your ad that will count the number of times the image is viewed.  Easy Peezy Japanezy and free.

So here are my stats for today..

Ad Type Views Clicks C/V
Picture 13 0 0%
Article 6 1 17%
Extended 2 1 50%
Link 3 0 0%

The views might not be 100% accurate as there are robots and spammers who will skew the stats a little bit, but it should be equal for all types.  That being the case I’ll still get a good idea of which ad types work the best.

Low views probably mean the heading was weak and didn’t attract attention.  I will work on that.  What we want to concentrate on is the C/V (click to view) ratio.  As you can see even though the picture ad gets the most hits, the Extended ad returns the highest C/V ratio.

It’s still a bit to early to determine anything, so I’ll give it another week or 2 before comming to any conclusions.

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