Did my offer get accepted?

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HBMLG_2679624Got a reply from my realtor about my offer of 230k to 268 Malapardis Rd.  They rejected the offer but came back and said 320k cash could get it done.  That is about 25k less then the current asking price, but that is still to high for me.  I’m gonna see if they will come down more, I beleive the house can go for 425k to 450k all fixed up to an owner occupant.   My realtor seems to be able to get a counter from these listing agents just by talking to them so that is good i guess.

First Day of Realtor Classes

Just got back from my first day of Pre-Licensing School and I’ll say it’s gonna be a challange to keep my eyes open after first putting in a full day at the office.  The good thing is that the instructor didn’t seem to concerned about stretching the class all the way to the 3hr 45min scheduled time which I was excited about.  I’ll get through it though as I really want to learn more about the laws of real estate.  As the instructor said it’s going to be more about the laws and processes more then strategies.

Today we just learned some very basic stuff, like qualifications for being a salesperson, broker and salesperson/broker.  Also the time limits on how long you have to get your license after you graduate as well as the steps you must take to get your license.  It’s obviously important information to know, but not really anything special.

Probate List Source

I got an email through one of the REIA mailing lists I’ve signed up for offering probate lists by county.  I’m very interested in this because going to the courthouse to pull these leads is a bit of a pain and takes a good amount of time.  The pricing is as follows…$97 per month per county or if you want exclusive rights to a county you can pay $997 per month (that might be a bit crazy).  I’m gonna pay the $97 for one month and see what I get and then go from their.   If anything I’ll get a good idea of what sort of leads they consider worthy and also what information they pull from the probate files.

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