Goals: 7/20 to 7/27

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goals2I did pretty good with last weeks goals so lets review

  1. Research all the ways Craiglist (and ad based sites) can be used for marketing – DONE, I managed to do this and post an article/blog entry here. Once I have my local blog setup I will start marketing using craigslist.  That should happen end of this week or next week.
  2. Make an offer on one house – DONE!I made the offer to my realtor this morning so now I wait and see if we get a counter offer. This is exciting!
  3. go to open houses on Sunday- Failed, I forgot that for father’s day my brothers and I got my dad Yankee tickets to the new Yankee stadium for this past Sunday so Open House day turned into Family Day with the Boys. Much more fun! Go Yanks!
  4. Get “We Buy Houses” business cards cause my current ones don’t represent what I’m trying to do – DoneI went with option number 2 from my previous post. I picked it cause it was simple. Got 250 of them for 3.99 at vistaprint.com and used the coupon from here

Goals for this week

  • Write 8 articles for my local blog
  • Go to 3 open houses on Sunday
  • Research Using Facebook for internet maketing
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