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Marketing Monday: Online Presence, Is it Good or Bad?

Scott CostelloAll, Blog, Featured, Marketing, Websites 8 Comments

My blog has opened the door for me in a lot of ways when it comes to my real estate investing career.  I would have never gotten to this point if some of the great people I have met through my blog hadn’t pushed me and supported me.   Having a blog is good in so many ways, but there can be a major draw back depending on how you want to operate your business. Your Name Can Now Be …

Top Blogs: 5 Top Up and Coming Investors

Scott CostelloAll, Blog, Top Blogs 34 Comments

I am going to be putting together a short series of posts that will list some great real estate investor blogs.  These blogs will surely make it to your rss reader.  Initially I was just going to make one giant list, but upon further analysis I realized that by breaking up the list into smaller sub-categories it would put proper focus on what each of these amazing blogs bring to the table. Top 5 Up and Coming Investor Blogs I …