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Looking For a MasterMind Group

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A couple of years ago I was a part of a coaching program that had a mastermind group for it’s students.  We only had about 8 people but it was great to get together with like minded people to talk about real estate investing.  I always came out of the meetings pumped up and ready to take action. Unfortunately when my coach moved to Ohio the group faded away.  So I’ve been ‘mindless for the past 2 years. I really …

How I Don’t Offend Sellers With My Low Offers

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Bloomfield Offer After talking with Lance and going over our list of repair costs with our coaches, I called up the owner of the house and pitched my offer. It was significantly lower then the 250k that I mentioned in a previous post. Enough so that it might insult the owners big time. But hey, as they say if you aren’t insulting someone with your offer it is probably to high. I haven’t made a lot of offers on houses, …

How to Actually Network? Answered!

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This week has been a banner week for me in terms of networking.  I usually do most of my networking on the computer, which is fine and all but it really doesn’t have the same affect as shaking someone’s hand and sitting down with them for a few minutes to talk.  I am starting to realize this and will continue to work at getting out of my shell and literally talk with fellow investors. Recap of my Networking this week… …