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Looking For a MasterMind Group

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finding mastermind groupsA couple of years ago I was a part of a coaching program that had a mastermind group for it’s students.  We only had about 8 people but it was great to get together with like minded people to talk about real estate investing.  I always came out of the meetings pumped up and ready to take action. Unfortunately when my coach moved to Ohio the group faded away.  So I’ve been ‘mindless for the past 2 years.

I really miss being able to talk with people who share the same passions as I do.  If it were not for my blog and my partner I would seriously be all alone with my thoughts.  Dangerous place to be.  That is why I want to join up with a mastermind group or start my own.

The group doesn’t have to be strictly real estate investors, just entrepreneurs who are a few years in and are trying to get to the next level.  It is good to have different perspectives that you can get from other business types sometimes.

What I Wish To Achieve

My goal for a mastermind group is to better surround myself with motivated people.  It helps keep me energized and gets me back on track when I veer off course.  Plus it pushes me to do things outside of my comfort zone.   

Do you have a mastermind group that needs another member?  send me an email at   If you meet in person you’ll have to be in NJ, if you meet online or by phone that’s great.

Mastermind Resources

Here are some great resources regarding everything you need to know about mastermind groups.

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Like always, much of my blog reading comes from Pat Flynn.  He just resonates with how I want to run my business and the type of person I want to be.


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How To Find A Mastermind That Works

I’ve listened to all the podcasts and the guys at Internet Business Mastery really do a good job of helping you have the right mindset when it comes to Mastermind Groups.  That is something that is very important because there are some negative sides to masterminds as well.

You Have to Stay True to Who You Are

I was listening to an IBM podcast today on my way to work and in it, I believe it was Jason, was talking about a board meeting that he carries around in his head all the time.  It basically acts as his internal discussions he has with himself.  In this meeting he is the boss and there are 3 other people who he has met at some point in his life….

  • Pat Flynn – the give everything away and be as transparent as possible voice
  • A Mastermind Group Guy he met – the voice that always looks at the numbers
  • A Third Guy (can’t remember) – the voice that is always driving for bigger and better.

Non of these voices are match what Jason feels is his true inner voice.  However he takes the bits and pieces from each that match up to his values and goals.   This Board Meeting in his head is his way of making decisions about his business.  I find it very intriguing, it’s like the proverbial Angel and Devil being on either shoulder and whispering into your ear what you should do.

Who is usually in your head when you try and make a decision?  For me it’s usually my dad and my wife.

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