Globiflow – Zillow Stops Running

Scott Wyatt

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Scott Wyatt asked 5 years ago

Hi Scott,
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Curious if you or others have ever had their automated flows just stop executing?  I’ve had the Zillow flows (as shown in the Ambengers video and a great flow taught by you to pull Zillow details on a lead) running for about 8 months with no issues.  For the past month, the flows no longer run automatically.  I’ve checked every line of my flows, and nothing has changed.  They will periodically execute when I force run the flows from Globiflow, but not consistently.  Odd…

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Scott Costello Staff answered 5 years ago

Hey Scott,
I have had Globiflow Flows stop working on me before.  The first place I check to see if the Flows are getting called at all is the Flow Log.  You can see that by navigating to the App in Globiflow, then clicking on the Flow (but not going into it).  At the bottom you’ll see a tab called “LOG” click on that.  

You’ll be able to see if you have had any recent activity.  If it’s the FLOW’s fault that things aren’t running then you’ll see errors.  If you see nothing like in the picture, then there is one more spot to check.
The last place that I’ve seen problems is the webhook that Globiflow adds to your App gets disabled for some reason.  You can find that by following the steps below.

  1. Go to Podio
  2. Go to the App that triggers the Flow
  3. Click on the wrench 
  4. Select Developer
  5. Scroll to the the Hooks section
  6. Take a look to see if any hook says Inactive and has a Verify button.  If so Click the Verify Button

This will fix your problem