Which lead management system should I get?

Questions and AnswersCategory: QuestionsWhich lead management system should I get?
Scott Costello Staff asked 5 years ago

Straight to the point, I have not looked at a lot of lead management solutions like Investor Fuse, InvestmentDominator or any other system.  So I can’t comment on any of them really. 
To me price should not be the deciding factor.  The right system is worth every penny!  It is all about time vs money value here.  If you can find a system that works the way your business model needs it to work, then it is worth spending some cash on it.  If you are a solo-entrepreneur one of your biggest road blocks is organization and automation to help free up time.  You have to try and automate as much of your business as possible to leave you time to do the money making tasks.  In this day and age an online service is the most flexible and powerful.  
I started out using and creating desktop software but QUICKLY found out that they SUCK for collaborative efforts.  Any solution to extend the use of my desktop app to others was just painful at best.  That’s why I ended up moving to Podio.  As a developer I could quickly create processes and automations to help me out.  
We all hate monthly payments to our core!  But I’ll be honest with you, that is the way it is going to be so get use to it.
My suggestion is this if you are just starting out and can’t afford what you want to get..
Use excel or google sheets to start out with until you figure out how your business is going to work.  Let your processes develop over time and write them down.  Once many of your processes are clear then go looking for a solution/software that works for you.  Don’t get the system first, and then tailor your business around the system.  Only spend the money when you have figured out how your business operates.
Does that make sense?  This way you are not wasting money on a system, you are not wasting time looking for the perfect system before you are ready and you don’t let this search keep you from actually getting started.  It’s just another form of analysis by paralysis.
Good luck!

Scott Costello
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