How To Market To Absentee Owners With Your Website

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AMS_ForRentWriting content for your lead generating website is how you will attract more leads.  The greatest part of inbound leads is that your website content works for you as you sleep. What I have learned is to be specific with what you are writing about.  General content, written to be a catch all, just doesn’t work.  Pick a niche, and then niche it down even further.

This post is part of a 5 post series were I break down how I would target Probates, Foreclosures, Tired Landords, Out-of-State Owners and Code Violations.  I’ll take you through the brain storming, the research and even the keywords to use as topics.  My SEO guy won’t like this because I’m pretty much giving away my keywords, but It’s all in the name of helping.

Be the Master of One, NOT the Knower of All

Attracting Tired Landlord Leads Online

What would a landlord who is having problems be searching for?

Landlords have specific problems and reasons why they want to sell one or all of their rental property.  Just like anyone else these days they are shore to do some late night Google searches for others with the same problems.  Maybe they will find an easy solution to rent checks that keep “getting lost” or the realize that being a landlord is not for them.

What I like to try and do is position myself as a person who has the answers to their questions.  This builds trust.  Also within the giving of these answers i want to also provide them a way out of the a problem by selling.  Simply put I want to have the answers and also be the answer.

What Questions do Tired Landlords Typically have?

Here is where the serious thinking starts.  Put yourself in the shoes of a landlord who is having tenant problems or property issues.  If you know someone who has gone through this, bend their ear.  If not you’ll have to start doing some research to find out what problems landlords usually have.

Below is my brain storming.  I broke up the topics in to 4 different types of questions.  This will help group the articles when I’m done writing as well as which articles I will interlink.

Tenant Problems

Tenant keeps causing property damage, what can I do?

Tenant keeps calling me at all hours of the day for the littlest repairs, what can I do?

Tenant is blaming me for a clogged toilet when I know they are the cause, what is my recourse?

Tenant has a pet when the lease clearly says they cannot

Tenant has not pay rent in 3 months

Tenant’s checks keep bouncing

Tenant says check was mailed but I never get it

Can I deduct rent from tenant’s paycheck?

Are there alternatives for collecting rent?

What is the eviction process?

How long does the eviction process takes?

What can I evict a tenant for?

How to handle a complaint about a neighbor?

How to handle a complaint about low water pressure?

How to handle tenant complaints about parking?

Problem with property

I can’t find good tenants

How to find good tenants?

How to replace my property manager?

How much should I be paying my property manager?

Do I need a property manager?

How to find the best contractors?

Where do I find a good handyman?

Should I be doing the simple repairs myself?

Can I have the tenant do simple repairs and deduct cost from rent?

I can’t get rid of bugs, what can I do?

Septic tank is leaking, now what?

Can I avoid having to do repairs between tenants?

Landlord Tenant laws

What are the Landlord and Tenant Laws in my state?

Can I charge more for a deposit?

How much can I raise rents?

I keep getting code violations from the city.

Random Questions

Want to Retire

What’s the easiest way to sell all my rental property?

These 33 article topics are a great starting point for how to find landlord leads online.  What I’d do next is to schedule them out in some sort of editorial calender.  Then tackle them one at a time.  Every time you come up with new questions, come back to your master list and write them down.  I’d do this ASAP because you are likely to forget the topic.  Trust me, I can’t tell you how many times I thought there was no way I’d forget a topic…and I did.


Keyword research for these problems

Writing an article that answers some of the glaring questions a troubled landlord might have is great, congrats for getting that far.  However your work isn’t done.  To optimize the exposure and traffic to that article you need to make sure you use the words people are searching with.  These words are called Keywords.

The best way to find these keywords is to use a free tool from Google….The Google Adwords Keyword Tool.  Catchy name I know!

It’s a very simple process and should really only take you 10 to 15 minutes.  It’s really a no brainer.  This is one of those Most Bang For Your Buck type of tasks.   Here is a quick Google Adwords Keyword Tool tutorial that I recorded while researching keywords for Evicting Tenants in NJ…

A couple of guidelines that I use when picking out keywords…

  • Do it after writing the article.  You never know the precise direction the article will take until after you are done.  Then you can go through and place the keywords in spots where they make sense and sound natural.
  • Take Keywords that have the highest average monthly searches.  Although the caveat is I usually don’t go over 2000 monthly searches because I find that those keywords are really hard to rank for.  It’s not a hard rule, but just what i like to do….The low hanging fruit.
  • Choose a handful of long tail keywords and scatter them around in your article.  Doing this will make things more natural sounding and also attract more searchers.  Just pick one as your Main Keyword.

While I do my keyword searches I keep a look out for other article topic ideas.  When I find a few good ones I add them to my list.  If there are keywords being searched for a lot then you can be certain it’s a good article to write.  

It’s your potential leads telling you what they want to know.

In the video tutorial above I searched for keywords related to Evicting Tenants in NJ in my target market.  The keywords that I chose are the following..

  • eviction notice
  • eviction process
  • how to evict a tenant
  • landlord tenant law
  • notice to vacate
  • sample eviction notice


Where to Use These Keywords in your Articles?

There are strategic places you should place these keywords.  Google is always changing the way they calculate your page rank. Even if things do change these placements are still a good idea because they help emphasize the questions you are answering.

Title. The key here is to make it sound normal.

Slug. This is the last bit of your pages url after the slash…<slug>

H2 Tag.  A well organized article will have subheadings.  Make these subheadings as Heading 2’s.  Find a heading that you can use your main keyword in and added.

2 to 4 times in your article.  Use a combination of your selected keyword throughout your article.  I like to make sure I have it in there between 2 to 4 times.  You can add in a few more if it’s natural, but don’t over due it.

When back linking from related articles.  One of the most important SEO things you can do on your site is link between articles.  Make sure to go to related articles on your site and link to your new article.  Use your main keyword as the linking text.

Here’s a great resource on how to build an effective lead generating website – How To Build An Awesome Website For Lead Generation

Final Words

For some, the thought of writing 25+ articles about tired landlord questions seems like a lot of work just to get some landlord leads online…and it is.  I actually hired someone to do the content writing for me.  I provide the article topics/headlines though.  So basically I did all the above things and then emailed off the topics to be written about.  When I get the articles back I insert the keywords and back links.

As Google gets smarter with their algorithms for ranking websites, it’s getting more important to write good content and keep your sites active.  You should be at least doing what I outlined above, but for sure there is much more.  Like publishing some of your articles to third party sites, creating citations with all the business listing services, etc…

What are some of your strategies to attract probate leads to your website?



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  1. Great article, my internet guy told me everything you mentioned about a year ago in class. This all makes sense but it also requires a lot of work. I am thinking about outsourcing writing content for my website because I simply do not have the time to write my own content.

    1. Post

      Hey Ronnie,

      Yea, it is a lot of work. I tried doing it all myself in the past and it’s just not possible if you have limited time. I ended up hiring a content writer to do all the heavy lifting for me. Worth the money for sure!

    1. Post
  2. This is great information about marketing for your real estate endeavors – thanks for posting. For the sake of clarity the AdWords tools is now called the Google Keyword Planner, and it’s got a facelift since this posting with some new cool features.

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