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One thing I really enjoy doing is creating software.  One application that I’ve been developing over the years is a lead tracking tool called SI Lead Manager. You can get the current version beta 6 right now for free.  Since I released beta 6 last year, there have been over 700 people download and use the software.  That is just awesome to me!!.

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Over the past 18 months I have been working hard on the next version…Which I’m calling SI Lead Manager v7.

I took every bit of feedback that I’ve gotten about beta 6 and used that to help me create this awesome new version.   Over the next 30 days, as I put the final touches on some of the features I will be sharing videos previews.

Version 7 will also represent the first product I will be charging for, but it will be worth the price and be affordable.  I plan on offer three different versions ranging from $49, $99 and $199 price points.  I will go into the differences in a later post.


So What Does this Lead Tracking Software Look Like?

Here is a short video demonstrating some of the features of SI Lead Manager v7.  I take you through…

  • Adding a new property lead
  • Adding additional property info
  • Attaching images
  • Creating a quick repair estimate
  • Recording an initial offer to the owner
  • Adding a note
  • Scheduling a Call Task to call the lead in a few days

As you can see I have completely overhauled SI Lead Manager from beta 6.  Hopefully I don’t upset to many Beta 6 users, but these changes needed to be made in order for the system to advance.


When Will the New Version be Released?

The plan is to release Version 7 of my lead tracking software sometime in Mid December.  I hope to hit my mark, but there are so many things I’m finding out that I must have in place before selling a product.  If anyone has any knowledge of selling software I’d be grateful for any tips that might help me a long.

In the coming weeks I will be posting videos demonstrating SI Lead Manager v7 Features such as…

  • Importing Excel Files
  • Creating Mailing Campaigns
  • Creating Custom Reports
  • Adding Buyers and seeing How Buyers and Sellers automatically link
  • and more…

I hope you are just as excited as I am for the launch of my lead management software.  There have been some great reactions from the small group of beta testers that I have had.  One person said…

This thing is Awesome!

When will SI Lead Manager v7 be Released?
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