Are You Setting a Good Example For Your Children?

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It has literally snowed here in New Jersey twice a week since Christmas and it’s showing no signs of stopping….So I guess “Let it snow…let it snow”.  Don’t get me wrong, I love snow.  When I was a growing up I’d spend the entire day outside shoveling all the snow off my grass into one giant pile so i could build a fort.  If I wasn’t doing that I was covering the steps down from our deck with snow so I could sled down them….there were no good hills around.

Now that everyone says I’m too big for those things, we took my 22 month old out in it the other week.  It was his first time playing in the snow.  He wasn’t to sure what to make of it.  After a few minutes though he was just having fun trying to walk in the 8 inches that we had gotten.  Here is a picture…

Ben SnowHe is really growing up so fast I can hardly take it.  Much of what I’m doing these days is for him.  As Ben gets older I want to be able to show him how to be an entrepreneur.  How to work hard for something you want and actually achieve your goals.

Productivity App

Have you heard about the App Lift?  It’s a simple productivity app that is suppose to help you form habits.  It’s simple, you pick a habit that you would like to develop and then press go.  As you complete the habit each day you check a box in the app.  You then get a visual of how many days out of your goal that you have completed the task.  It also keeps track of streaks, telling you your on fire and stuff.

To help you stay on track the app will send out email notifications as well as cell phone alerts asking if you’ve completed your task for the day.  Nothing ground breaking here, although I’ve found it to be a good little push.

Another aspect of the app is that you can join other people in pre-created Plans.  Each plan is like a community of other people who have joined the plan.  You can discuss each step with other members of the group who are trying to create the same habit.   That is great for support.  You can also follow other people and give them Props and encourage them to keep going. 

This got me thinking about starting a Plan for people who want to build a habit for generating leads. Whether it is sending out letters or doing content marketing for a website, I think we can all encourage each other to keep going as well.  What do you think?

I’m working on created a 30 day Plan that can be joined to help start your campaigns and bring in leads.  I’m about 25% done with it so far and I’ll throw out a blog post when it’s all ready.

If you want to take a look at the app before hand it’s called


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