Time, Skills, Enjoyment and Leverage…Say What?

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I don’t know what it is lately, but I’m finding it harder to find the time to get things done.  I wish exercise didn’t take up so much time because it seems on the nights I run on the treadmill, about 3 nights a week, it’s about all I can do.  I run for about 30 minutes, takes me 15 to 20 minutes for stretching and cooling down afterwards and then another 15 to 20 minutes to shower.  By the time I’m done it always seems like it’s 10:30pm, which gives me a half hour before my wife gets home from work to get rei stuff done.


Remember I only have 3 hours after my 1 year old son gets put to bed.  So an hour plus of exercise after 30 to 45 minutes of making and eating dinner leaves me NO TIME on exercise days.   I’ve completely thrown out weight lifting for lack of time and just run so i can stay in some sort of shape.

Over the past weeks, I’ve been coming to the realization that my available time does not match what I’m trying to get accomplished.  How do I adjust so I can get out of the so called rat race?  Time, Skills, Enjoyment and Leverage.  Huh?


My free time is always at night and I must do things that lend themselves to being accomplish at night.  These things should not be dependent on me having to juggle my Job, Family and health around during the day just to make it all work.  That just adds way to much stress and turns into a lot of half completed goals because something is always coming up or taking longer then it should.


We all have certain skill sets, find what yours are and take advantage of them.  I will say it’s sometimes hard to pinpoint what exactly you are good at.  From time to time you should step back and recognize that you are good at what you just did.  Give yourself a nice pat on the back.  I’m still not certain what precisely my skill set is, though I think I may be getting close to actually figuring it out.


I’m a huge advocate in the idea of taking what you enjoy and turning it into a way you can make a living off of it.  Nothing is worse then wasting your life doing something you hate, just so you can keep the bills paid.  What percentage of your adult life do you spend working?  I’d say it’s damn near 50%.  What the F is that??  Some say it’s a part of being an adult and responsibility to your family.  I say there must be other ways.

I’ll tell you what I enjoy doing, I enjoy creating things.  Whether it be building an over the top shelving system in my garage, developing software, or even just putting together an Ikea entertainment center.  I can do these things all day and all night and never get tired.  I also love playing sports and Real Estate.


Being able to take advantage of other people’s skills, following existing schemas and knowing how the current world works is what I’m talking about.  Wealthy people don’t spend time doing the nitty gritty tasks in there lives, they pay other people to do it.   They don’t try and reinvent the wheel, they embrace the existing methods and use them.  If you don’t adjust to the way the world works, you’ll be left on the outside looking in.

What The Hell Am I Getting At??

Internet Marketing and software development for real estate lead generation.   I’ve put my hand in the software development part already and with the new course that I purchased a couple weeks ago I’m going to jump into internet marketing full time (at least as full time as I’ve got free).

My available time works perfectly for both Internet Marketing and Software Development.  I enjoy doing both quite a bit, my skill set and understanding of both together with REI is a great match for me I think as well.  And being able readily leverage the internet and virtual assistants to accomplish tasks where my time won’t allow is a huge benefit.

Lead Generation Course

The lead generation course that I’ve started, is just an internet marketing course at its core.  The same techniques for getting your business noticed by people who want to buy products is the same you should use for attracting motivated sellers.   I love the idea of being able to be found when someone is looking for you as opposed to telling people I can solve a problem they may or may not have.

In other words, if a home owner has a problem they can quickly and easily find ME.  NOT, me putting myself in front of them every 4 weeks asking if they have a problem.  How about now…How about now…now…how about now???  See the difference?  I like that difference a lot!

One of the first things I’m doing from the course is setting up a Google+ Page for my Scotty Buys company.   The goal is to get that page showing up on the first page of Google for search terms such as “Sell your house Fast” and “Need Cash For My House”.  The process isn’t quick and there is no magic pill, it just takes a lot of grunt work (perfect for a VA).   My next post I will detail more of what I’m doing.



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  1. Scott- I’ve been seeing the Google+ pages ranking good lately so I set one up too a week ago. What course did you read that talked about it? I nailed a great wholesale deal from a Google search a week ago, within 48 hours of getting the call I had it tied up and sold to a friend. I always have ranked pretty good but there’s always room for improvement and with the lack of inventory in CA now its essential to work the non-mls angles now. You got me beat on the gym bud, at least you are getting there!

    1. Post


      It’s called the Commando Lead System by David Corbaley. I’ve only gotten through the first few modules where he took me through setting up a Google+ page and also video creation to help your rankings. I’m liking it so far, but it’s a decent amount of work so far which I is a good thing.

      Let me tell you, I don’t get to the Gym at all. We have a treadmill in the house because with the baby, I never get a chance to leave unless I get a baby sitter.

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