Random Things – 8/6/2012

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From time to time I won’t have one specific thing that I’m working on, but an assortment of thoughts and ideas that are running through my head.  As part of the process to help myself organize I like to right down all of these thoughts.

It really helps in refocusing on what is most important and what can wait for later. I’m just got put together a post with some random things that are going on…


  • Latest deal has still not closed yet.  The slow lawyer and seller who won’t do anything unless the lawyer says so is holding up the works.  All we need is a closing date and we are good to go and it appears to be happening next week i think.
  • I am slightly revamping my direct mail letter that goes out first to out of state owners.  This letter change is intended to filter out some of the tire kickers who call up my partner and waste his time.  My old letter said I was interested in buying their property and to call me.  This new letter says that I’m looking to buy their property as an investment.  Hopefully the use of the word “investment” will make it more clear our intentions.  I’m going to try it for the next 6 months and see how we fair.  This type of letter seems to be working well for one of our other master mind group members.
  • My baby boy Ben turned 4 months old last week!
  • The month of August always seems to slow things down with everyone going on vacations.  Response rates seem to go down as well.
  • I’m thinking of giving away some stuff on my blog pretty soon.  My plan is to give something away after each deal that we successfully close.   Would anyone like a free copy of  Flip This REO by Steph Davis?  When this most recent deal closes I’ll buy it for someone.
  • I’m also thinking about doing a rehab project with my partner.
  • I’m loving my [amazon_link id=”B00746NEJW” target=”_blank” locale=”US” container=”” container_class=”” ]Ipad 3[/amazon_link] more and more.
  • My wife’s birthday is coming up in about 10 days and I need to figure out some small to give her to go along with the larger present I thought of.  She is getting increasingly harder to shop for!


Well those are the thoughts that are going through my head today.  Have a good week everyone and on Thursday I’ll be posting about another tool I use for hanging bandit signs.

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  1. Keep me in mind for Flip this REO – that would be great.. also sometimes shopping for Bday is tough – i notice some nice discounted getaways on groupon for half price sometimes – just a suggestion.. PS Love your Site..

  2. Post

    Hi mohegan!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and I’ll definitely keep you in mind for when I give away the REO course. Just make sure you come back and comment on the blog post where I give it away 🙂

  3. I’m giving mohegan some competition for Steph’s Flip This REO ebook! Keep me in mind also Scott!
    Your baby boy Ben turned 4 months, mine is turning 17 months! Love him to pieces, but he’s a wild man now that he’s running all over the place!

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