Marketing Monday: Organizing The Back Log

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Since I’ve been trying to get ahead with my mailings I’ve run into a bit of a storage and organizational problem.  Every container I owned was packed with stuffed envelopes ready to be mailed.  The problem is I still have 7 months of letters to print and no place else to put them all.  Not to mention that organization went out the window as well for the most part.

I started out with baskets (like pictured).  I’d print out a weeks worth of mailers and section off the baskets with a market saying what list it was and when it was to be mailed.

This worked fairly well until I had run out of room to store them.  You can’t really stack them on top of each other because eventually you will crush the envelopes.

While this solution does work for a few weeks of mailings, I needed to find another solution.  Something that I could stack, organize and easily get at the mailings when they need to go out.

I thought about using the dresser in our second bed room because nobody was using it.  Unfortunately my wife beat me to them with all the extra baby stuff we had gotten from the shower.  Darn!  there goes the easy and free solution.

After a bit of searching I found these Sterilite Large Modular Storage Drawers.  They are big enough to fit 3 rows of about 250 envelopes (4×6)  per drawer.   Walmart had a package of 4 of them for $50 so I gave them a shot.  So far I’m pretty happy with them.  They stack great and I can even incorporate different sizes so I can easily store all my supplies as well.

Each drawer is 24″ wide, by 17″ deep and 7″ high.  They are not heavy at all but are fairly sturdy.

Hopefully this solution will work as I get an even larger back log of mailers prepared.  I could see myself using 12 of these things, one for each month.  If it gets to that point though, I’ll have to move them to the garage or my wife is gonna kill me.  She loves organization more then most people, but having 12 of these things in the second bedroom is sure to piss her off!

How do you organize your mailers once you have them all printed?  

I imagine most of you mail them as you prepare them like I used to do, but trying to get a head creates some logistical problems.

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  1. Scott – I only print one month at a time. The reason is that I would end up with a lot of mail down the road that I shouldn’t be sending such as returned mail, houses I purchased, people that asked to be removed from the list etc. The mix of people is constantly changing.

    I know it is challenging to stay on top of everything with a new baby. By the way, I have connected with Lance through LinkedIn.

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