5 Days, Marketing Monday and the New Ipad

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5 Days

This coming Monday (March 26th), my wife and I will be headed to the hospital to give birth to our first child.  We don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl yet which is making this even more exciting if that is even possible.  So in 5 short days my life will change for the better.   It’s crazy, this time last year Val and I were just talking about having a baby.   Keep an eye out for the announcement sometime next week.

Marketing Monday

This is going to be an abbreviated Marketing Monday.  Two weeks I came up with a new goal/challenge for myself.  I’m going to complete my 2012 direct mail letters (printed, stuffed, sealed and stamped) by the end of May.  That is going to be roughly 7000 mailers all ready to be dropped in the mail.

I’m doing this because it will free up so much of my time over the summer to spend time with my new baby as well as concentrate on other parts of my investing.   As of right now I’ve got 700 mailers all ready a waiting to be sent out.  That gets me through the entire month of April.  I’m very excited at the thought of accomplishing this goal that I’m sure to accomplish it, maybe even early.

New Ipad

Last Friday I went out and bought the new Ipad (stupid name).  This is my first experience with a tablet and wasn’t sure how I’d use it outside of a quick and easy way to browse the internet and check email.  I spent the weekend figuring out how to use iOS and came away very impressed with the power and speed of the iPad.

For anyone out there that has a tablet, how do you leverage it to help with your real estate investing?

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  1. Congrats on the new addition.
    I bought an android tablet around Christmas. It has replaced my legal pad (Evernote), I use the built in camera instead of a stand alone, and I use it to surf the Property Appraiser and other RE related websites in the field…much easier than the tiny phone screen. So far, so good.


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  2. I myself do not have a tablet. My wife does, but I have seen what other investors have used it for. You can use it to pull up all your notes if you are with a homeowner and you feel you are missing something. It can also be used to help you with repair costs in the field by letting you pull up info from online. Well I guess you would need to have the i-pad with the 4G to do those things…Well, you can definitely use it as an interactive flyer to show other investors your wholesale deals. The biggest advantage over the smart phone is the size of the screen.

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      I do have the 4g version even though I only use WIFI as of right now. I paid extra just so I would have the capability to connect where ever I might need to. There is no contract with verizon, you just have to pay for the months when you use it.

      I finally got SI Lead Manager up and running with an online database (Microsoft’s SQL Azure), so now my partner and I can access the same data all the time. I am also going to create a web application that will allow me to access the leads from any device with internet access like my New Ipad or my cell phone. Pretty neat!

  3. That sounds awesome! I really enjoy technology. I often times wonder how stuff was done 10-15 years ago when the internet was barely coming into it’s own. I also wonder how things were done 20-30 years ago when computers were not really common in the workplace…

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