Beta 5 – Tutorial #6: Creating a Mailing Campaign

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Tutorial #6: Creating a Mailing Campaign

Once you have your leads in the system and your letters all setup you’ll want to create a mailing campaign.  You can do this in a couple of ways and all pretty straight forward.  The way I like to do it is as follows…

The Quick…

  1. Find the lead list that you want to use by using the Leadtype/List tree.  Select the list and you’ll see all the leads within that list appear to the right.
  2. Under the ‘Action’ menu, expand “Create Mailing” and then select “For All”

Video Tutorial

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  1. Scott, if I download a Windows based operating system for my Mac (like parallels for instance), would the lead manager be compatible with that?

    1. Post

      That is something I’d like to have tested out because I’ve been asked that quite a bit. I don’t have any Macs myself so I can’t say one way or another.

      Would you be willing to test it out?

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