Marketing Monday: All Time Funniest Response

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One of the risks with sending out direct marketing letters is that you are going to piss people off.  You shouldn’t take these people to seriously or feel bad that you pissed them off though.  This is because I can guarantee that they were pissed off way before getting your letter.  Sometimes they will call you up to tell to say that you are the scum of the earth and sometimes they will write you a letter like this one…

You wondering what it was written on like I did?


That’s right!  it’s a paper grocery bag…Outstanding!!  I’m still chuckling about this reply even a week after receiving it. I’m almost thinking that the person made it sound over the top hillbilly to have some fun with us.  Either way it is a classic.

What are some of the funny responses you’ve gotten?


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  1. I love it…. I get crazy responses like this too. Little do they realize by signing their name X…. they are going to get another letter next month…. HAHA

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      1. Hello, Scott…….

        I’m so excited about the possibilities, I’m aiming to get out of the “rat race’ I’ve always believed that if you chase 2 rabbits you catch none,although I can’t offer money,knowledge nor experience in the probate investing Arena except for the “Desire,Commitment , focus & hunger I have to suceed on this platform I’m in North Jersey
        can, also attract other markets ,just looking to partner up with a T.E.A.M, in Jersey to add a very unique dimension to our business!

  2. That’s really funny Scott! Definitely a classic! Too bad you don’t know who it is … you could’ve sent them a 6-pack of PBR as a thank you gift!

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