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Mid Week Update and Books!

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real estate investor booksIt’s Wednesday and I’m happy to say I’m right on track with my mailer goals so far.  I’ve got 58 letters sitting in my car ready to be mailed out at lunch time.  The getting back up to speed part of the week is now over and I’ve got to kick it into high gear if I’m going to get another 150 letters done by Friday evening.

I’ve identified two towns that I’m going to pull Out-of-State owner lists from (Bound Brook and Somerville), not sure how many leads will come from those two, but I usually average around 45 per town.   I also have a second mailing that needs to go out (forget the town) and that should get me my 150 mailers.

Great Books for Real Estate Investors

As part of the Diva Money Club that I joined earlier this month, they gave me a list of books that would be great reads.  Over the past year I’ve really slacked on reading and have slowly begun watching TV more and more  in my down time.  That always happens to me when baseball season starts.

During my vacation I decided to bring my Amazon Kindle  and see if I could re-kindle (yes…that just happened!!) my interest in reading.  One of the great things I love about the Kindle is that you can download any book that you want right onto the device from anywhere there is a wifi connection.   Since I got the Kindle about 9 months ago, I’ve yet to really use it so I’m just now figuring out everything that there is to it.  I highly recommend it!

In total I read 2 full books and finished off half of another that I failed to finish over the winter.  The first book I read was called The Dip by Seth Godin.  I’ve read a few other Seth Godin Books before (All Marketers Tell Stories and Tribes), so I’m already a big fan.  The Dip is a quick read and really helps you decide if something is worth quitting.   We have always been taught that “quitting” is a terrible thing.  I used to think the same way until a read this book.  He really opened my eyes to when I’m in a Cul-Da-Sac, Dead End or just a Dip.  You should read the book.   Get it here


The next book I read was Shae Bynes’ favorite, The Go-Giver by Bob Burg.  I am completely a convert now and this is my favorite book to date.  The concepts in this book I believe can truthfully change my life and the best part about it is I agree 100% with the 5 laws of success.  Giving!  This is a must read book, so go get it or borrow it from somewhere.  Here is an affiliate link for those that are interested, Get it here.

After reading those two books, I decided to go back and finish off another Seth Godin book, Purple Cow.  I don’t know where Seth gets it from, but this is another good book.  It’s about standing out in a crowd, but not just any crowd, your tribe.  It goes very well with his book Tribes as you might have guessed.  If I could take one thing out of the many lessons in this book it would be to not do what everyone else is doing.  Get it here.

Even though I’ve gotten some great ideas from the Seth Godin books, the one book that I’m definitely going to read again is Go-Giver.  I truly want to model my life and business after the ideas in that book.  I love giving and the feeling I get from helping someone else out.   I’ve always wondered why I never minded helping my friends move.  haha

Has anyone else read the Go-Giver?


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