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Marketing Monday: Recharging The Batteries

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Real Estate Investing Marketing MondaySorry for the lack of a post last week, I was gone on vacation down in North Carolina with the family.  I had a nice relaxing time on the beach hanging out with the people closest to me.   We stayed at my Uncles house in Emerald Isle.  The house is right on the beach, we literally just had to walk out the back porch and the water was 100 feet away.  Scotty Liked!

I’ve discussed this before for sure, but I know people who when they come back from vacation are all rested and raring to go with what ever they are doing.  I on the other hand never feel that way, it takes me about a week to get back in the routine of “real life.”   I wonder what the means?

Since i’m the marketing coordinator in my partnership, I had given my partner 150 mailers before I left  so he could keep the machine rolling while I was gone.  But now I’ve got to get going again and get the mailers out which isn’t going to be an easy task after my body got used to doing nothing but laying by the beach for about 10 days.

Here is my plan…

  • Monday: Put together 25 mailers and put together 2 Out-of-state owners lists
  • Tuesday: 35 mailers
  • Wednesday: 50 Mailers
  • Thursday: Mastermind meeting with my coaching group
  • Friday: 100 Mailers
That totals 210 mailers for the week which gets me half way to my goal of 1050 for the month.  When I made that goal I had forgotten about the 10 days I’d be out of commission on vacation, but I’m going to do my best to get it done.
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  1. Staying by the beach sounds really nice. We take the kids on vacation to all sorts of places, but the number one place for them is always the beach.

    Regarding your statement about having to get back into “real life”, maybe you should try to switch things up a little. Try something new that you haven’t done yet. Think about what you do that you really do not enjoy and try to find something to replace it that you may find more interesting. I need to try to listen to this advice also as I am sure most people do. We all are probably doing some things that we don’t enjoy very much and really should work to trade those in for things we enjoy doing.

    Take care.

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  2. When I get back to the real world, I usually need a vacation after the vacation. 🙂

    Good luck with keeping up on the mailings. I need to start doing regular mailings myself and stop relying on the mls for deals!

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      If the MLS is working for you then put more effort into finding deals there. I wouldn’t take time away from the MLS to do mailings, only do mailings if there is extra time. No what I’m saying?

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