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In one of the books I read over my vacation, it was suggested that I take the time to write down the 101 goals, wants and experiences that I’d like to achieve over the rest of my life.  There are a lot of things for sure, but I’ve never really put them all down in a list.  Below is my attempt at doing this.  The items are not in any order of importance, they are just the order that came to mind this Friday morning before Hurricane Irene is coming to unleash hell.  So here goes…Buy a House

  1. Learn to cook a mean rack of ribs
  2. Quit my Job
  3. Become a full time Real Estate Investor
  4. Create 100 Income producing affiliate websites
  5. Develop a software product that I can sell
  6. Go to Hawaii
  7. Travel to Ireland
  8. See a Whale in the ocean
  9. Own 2 rental properties free and clear
  10. Play Golf at least once a week (except during the winter)
  11. Become debt free!
  12. Lose the Love handles
  13. Have 1 or 2 children
  14. Buy a Sony Vaio Z laptop
  15. Keep my wife as happy as can be
  16. Donate a $50,000 check to a charity
  17. Have $1,000,000 net worth in the next 10 years
  18. Visit my friend Dave in South Carolina
  19. Get my wife to Visit Colorado to see my Friends Ian and Kerry (asthma and high altitude has her scared)
  20. Have one full day a week to do wood working
  21. Build a House (at least help build one)
  22. See Italy
  23. Take a one month vacation to someplace
  24. Buy a beach house
  25. Have a movie theater in my house
  26. Take a week long golfing vacation with my friends
  27. Go on a Golfing Cruise around Ireland and Scotland
  28. Make my Dad feel like he can retire
  29. Get certified in scuba diving
  30. Be on the first page of Google for the search term “Real Estate Investor”
  31. Develop a smart phone application and sell it on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 devices
  32. Change 1 person’s life
  33. Run a 5k in less then 24 minutes
  34. Not go bald
  35. Go water skiing
  36. Meet some of the friends I’ve made through my blog
  37. Go to New Zealand
  38. Go to Schlitterbahn Water Park in Texas
  39. Get a pool for my above mentioned house
  40. Build a basketball court
  41. Learn to drive a manual transmission
  42. Be self insured (I hate medical insurance)
  43. Lead a simple life
  44. Get a second hole-in-one in golf (this time with my friends around to see it)
  45. Read 10 books a year
  46. Retire when I’m 45
  47. Be able to take my entire family on a two week vacation to Hawaii
  48. See a tornado – from a distance
  49. Sleep till noon…just because i want too
Holy Crap this list is hard to come up with!  It has taken me 1 Hour to think of the first 50
  1. Play golf at Pebble Beach
  2. Go to Yankee Stadium for the world series clinching playoff victory
  3. See the Knicks win and NBA Title
  4. Being my own Boss
  5. Learn to play BlackJack
  6. Create a small (5k)  investment account where I can use that money to play around with Stock investments
  7. Be a good father like my dad
  8. Be married to my wife forever
  9. Always be a little kid on Christmas
  10. Write an E-book that sells 5,000 copies
  11. Become an expert on Internet Marketing
  12. Have a mailing list of over 100,000 people who trust me
  13. Get a one time Affiliate commission of $1000
  14. Always treat people the way I want them to treat me
  15. Build a giant tree fort
  16. Get a professional table saw
  17. Have a workshop so I can do my woodworking
  18. Avoid making the same mistake twice
  19. Have someone come up to me and ask…”How did you do it?”…referring to my success
  20. Giving more then I receive
  21. Drive a car that is worth more then $100,000 (not own, just drive it once)
  22. Own my dream home free and clear
  23. Hear someone call me “Dad”
  24. Shoot a round of golf under par
  25. Learn to fly a plane
I am now at 1 hour and 30 minutes for this list and slowing down….
  1. Meet Don Mattingly in person
  2. To see John Pinette, Brian Regan, Jeff Dunham, Bobby Collins and Bob Marley as much as possible
  3. Become a good story teller
  4. Learn how to properly use Photoshop
  5. Buy an macbook pro
  6. Live long enough to experience the time when your cell phone replaces your computer completely
  7. Experience virtual reality
  8. Have gps appear right on your cars windshield to help navigate you
  9. Be in a car when it parallel parks itself (i think that is so cool!)
  10. Like Lobster (it looks so good, but I just don’t like it!!)
  11. Learn to take great photos
  12. Use the pricing gun at Stop and Shop when going to the food store with my wife.  She never wants to use it!!
  13. To ride the slingshot ride at the boardwalk
  14. Experience a truly haunted house
  15. See the Shawshank Redemption Jail (Eastern State Penitentiary)
Only 11 More to go and 2 hours in….
  1. Find an alternative for ice cream for an after dinner dessert place.  Seriously, where can one go for something else?
  2. Build a home run derby whiffle ball field in my back yard (when I get a house)
  3. Design and build a custom built-in entertainment unit
  4. Own a truck that can transport sheets of plywood
  5. Collect baseball cards again
  6. Win more then $20 on a scratch off lottery ticket
  7. Fire a Missile Launcher
  8. Tell my wife I love here every day
  9. Always be honest
  10. Work hard for what I want
  1. Look back on my life and say “I had a good life”
It is now 11:09am and the list that I thought wouldn’t be that hard to put together has taken me roughly 3 hours to finish.  I feel it is a great exercise to go through and I plan on printing this list out and hanging it in my office at home.  I’d put it up at work, but there are a few things on there that I wouldn’t want my boss to see.
What would be in your top 10 things?
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  1. Was the book “the Aladdin Factor ” by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen?

    It was anexercise in the book I didn’t do. I don’t want 101 goals. I want fewer goals and a simpler life.

    1. Post

      I didn’t read that book, so it wasn’t that. It was actually another Jack Canfield book I’m reading now, The Power of Focus: What the Worlds Greatest Achievers Know about The Secret of Financial Freedom and Success.

  2. This one is truly special when you first hear it…and I still really enjoy hearing it: Hear someone call me “Dad”

    Some that come to mind for me:

    Be completely financially free.
    Tour Europe
    Ride a train through the Canadian Rockies and up to Alaska (is this possible?)
    Learn Aerobatics
    Help my kids to achieve their goals.
    Help other people achieve financial freedom so that we can have fun together.
    Tour the entire United States
    Take summers off from all work.
    Learn how to play piano well.
    Develop an airpark

    Maybe even fire a missile launcher….that one was awesome! What made you think of that?

    1. Post
  3. Good job making it to 101! I tried doing this myself late last year. I didn’t make it to 100, because I found that so many things I thought of were essentially already encapsulated within another goal. That’s fine, the ultimate point for me was to reduce the list to the most important things for me.

    1. Post

      I definitely have a top 10 then I’m shooting for, the others are basically a “boys dream” These are all the things that I would be happy to experience and enjoy very much though, not necessarily goals.

      It was a very good exercise to say the least though.

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