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Marketing Monday: Are You Sending Out Enough Letters?

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Sorry for posting Monday’s post on Wednesday, I felt my deal story was more interesting.  With that said, lets get back to the subject at hand and that is Marketing…

When I first started out I was sending out letters once a month and then just waiting for the calls to trickle in.  Some calls would come the first week after my mailing and then I’d be lucky to get any more the rest of the month.  Definitely not a good way to keep momentum going, which is really the name of the game.  It was no surprise that I got nothing remotely close to a deal with that strategy.

This past winter I decided I was going to send out, on average, 100 letters each week.  I’d prepare the letters Monday, Tuesday and mail them off on Wednesday.  This meant that I’d be getting a consistent flow of calls each and every week.  It keeps me in a nice routine.

Keeping up this pace though is not easy, there have been many weeks when life gets in the way and makes it hard to get the letters in the mail.   When this happens I don’t stop, I adjust and put out only 40 letters or however many I can do.  The key is to keep the machine going and it’s easier to do if it’s rolling along slowly then from a dead stop.  For those weeks I only send out 40 letters, I’ll make the difference up the following week (or when I have the time) and send out 150.

The past two weeks have been busy as heck for me and I struggled to get out many letters.  But this week I’ve made it my goal to get out a record amount, at least for me anyway.  My goal is 325 mailers!

My Current Standing

  • Letters Printed On Monday + 70 Envelopes (I ran out, poor planning)
  • Bought 600 more envelopes and 100 additional stamps
  • Printed 255 envelopes (toner is now
  • Stuffed all 325

Today I am going to finish them all up and get them out tomorrow morning.  We are going to be getting a boatload of calls next week for sure!

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  1. Scott,

    My business partner (who’s name is Scott) does our yellow letters. We recently switched it up to hand addressing the outer envelope and our response rate has jumped up like crazy. It may not be something you have the time for, but I would look into figuring it out one way or another.

    Our goal is to mail 75 letters a week and we mail 500 postcards every two weeks.

    1. Post

      I started out hand writing all the envelope addresses and then switched to printing them using a custom font I had created based off my own hand writing. I haven’t noticed a drop in response rate at all so far. What is your response rate?

  2. Scott,

    Good stuff.  I found that I can prepare letters while doing other tasks and my wife and I stuff them while watching a show.  Its a great way to relax.


    1. One thing I’d like to try and find is an envelope printer. All printers i’ve ever looked at you have to use a Manual Feed Tray and feed them in either one at a time or in small batches of 5 to 10. Kind of gets annoying when there are 300 envelopes to print.

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