What A Pain!

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Over the past few weeks, pretty much the entire month of April, I haven’t logged into the MLS at all.  Lance has access as well and he’s been sending me the comps for properties that we’ve needed to get the ARV on and I’ve been concentrating on getting as many mailers out as possible.

Well today I went to log in and I was greated by this message….

Your account is currently suspended.  Please contact GSMLS for further information

I am pretty sure I know the reason why they have suspended my account, and if that is indeed the case they shouldn’t have.  During the last week of March I got an email telling me I owed $450 as part of my North Central New Jersey Realtors association dues.  They send the invoice to my broker, which still happens to be listed as my old broker and not my knew one ( I switched last  year).

Long story short, they emailed me the invoice and I faxed them back the form and payment information on the last day before they would suspend my account.  I know they got it because the lady at the office called and said she couldn’t read the form because it was light and I gave her the credit card info over the phone.  Done!

Wrong!  I now need to call them back and ask what is up.  Hopefully there isn’t another payment I need to make, stay tuned…

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