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I am actually having a little bit of writer’s block today so I decided to link to some of the best blog posts I’ve read the last few weeks.  One of the best ways I know of at getting your mind focused and thinking outside of the box is to read other people’s thoughts.   If you get the chance, read some of the posts below and tell me what you think.

Great Blog Posts That I’ve Read This Week


Personal Goal Update

Besides real estate investing I’ve been working hard on my personal goals this past few months.  You all know that I’m officially out of debt (minus the mortgage) and that I’ve been doing P90x to help me get in better shape.

Getting out of debt was not a hard process once I adjusted the way I spent money.  P90x on the other hand is a daily grind that I am constantly squeezing in at all hours of the day.  Some days the only time I can spare 90 minutes is at 11pm while other times I have to split the work out up into two part.  The key though is never missing a day and I’m proud to say that I am on day 36 of the training and have NOT missed one day!

Even though I’ve only lost about 1 lb (down to about 180.5), I’ve built muscle for sure and have been getting stronger.  I can do about 80% of the abRiperX and I am up to 7 pullups (up from 3).  I still struggle with Yoga and I’m wondering when I’ll be flexible enough to do all the positions.

54 more days!

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    Not sure what the issue is, but when I go directly to your blog, only posts from over a month ago show up. No new posts loads on the front page. I get these posts from the RSS feed. Just a heads up.


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