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Last week I found out that my mls access had been suspended for some reason unbeknownced to me.  I tried to contact them last week by email and phone but couldn’t reach anyone because of some strange holiday hours.  This was kinda pissing me off because I had just paid the $450 North Central New Jersey Realtors association fee so my account wouldn’t get suspended.

When I spoke to the NCNJRA yesterday I found out that they did have my license correctly held as a referral license, but it was still with my old broker.  About a year and a half ago I switched brokers and apparently not all the paper work got pushed through.  This fact never got shown any attention until they looked to update my account after I paid my dues.

The lady forwarded me the forms I need to fill out, get them signed by the new broker, and then send back in (along with a $15 check of course).  Once this is done my access should be restored shortly there after.

Good Times!  Hopefully my broker remembers I have my license hung there because I haven’t spoken to them since I supposedly transferred to them over a year ago.

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      1. That’s right…

        So question for you… would you say it has been worth it to get the RE license now that you’ve had it for a while (or supposedly had it… hahah)?

        I personally have access to the MLS from a Realtor friend that gave me their username and password… only thing that sucks is that he asks that I only use it during off hours, like late at night or early early in the morning.

        It isn’t a high priority, but one day I’d like my wife to get her license.

        1. I’ve been asking myself the same question recently. The only reason I hold onto it right now is because I get my very own access to the MLS. I have my license in a referral state, and I’m currently not sure how much that will save me in dues just yet. There are so many dues and fees it’s tough to keep track of.

          I’m going to keep it for now, but I know many investors who’ve had their license in the past and dropped it with out ever looking back.

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