Dave Alexander Shows up at our REI Meeting

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Jon Zorrer is a good person to know for many reason, but one of them is that he is friendly with a lot of very successful real estate investors.   Dave Alexander is a good friend of Jon’s and actual flew in from Texas to come to our small rei meetup group yesterday.

Not shocking the group saw it’s largest turn out to date, about 50 people.  I’ve know of Dave for quite some years as he is a regular poster at flipping homes.  He is a great guy and I was glad to have been able to meet him in person.  For those that don’t really know who Dave Alexander is, he is the owner of BanditSigns.com.

Much of the meeting we talked about Dave’s technique called Sub3.  Now I don’t really understand it enough to try and explain what I learned, but it’s a way of investing with minimal entanglements and limits any subterfuge (dave’s favorite word).

I wanted to get a good chance to chat with Dave for a bit, so I tried to get to the meeting early knowing that I wouldn’t be able to stay late.  Unfortunately Dave didn’t get there until after the meeting started so it was tough to spend some quality time with him.

I do recommend going to DavidAlexander.com and looking around.  He’s got some free audio’s and articles that are very good.

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