Probate Monday: What to do with all those business cards

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real estate business cardsOver the past week I’ve been trying to get out all the mailers I can before the holidays.  I’m pretty much going to stop mailing after tomorrow because I don’t want my probate letters getting received just in time for Christmas.   Outside of being a bit tacky, most people are going to ignore those kinds of mail pieces during this time of year anyway.  I’ll get the most bang for my buck after the new year I believe.  However I’m going to be continuing to prepare my letters, but put them aside until January to mail them.

Business Cards

Every real estate investor meeting that I’ve been to I’ve gotten tons and tons of business cards.   So after two years of collecting business cards, I really have no idea what to do with them.  Most of them are from new investors who I never see again and another stack are from Realtors.

I’ve tried to organize them, write down on each of them where I got the card from and a little info about the person on the card and store them in a business card holder.  No matter what I do it’s just a big mess and I can’t keep them straight or even start to take advantage of any of them.   I’m thinking about just throwing them all out and then only collecting a few from those people who I know are big time investors, brokers or people I know who can help me.

What does everyone else do with business cards?

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  1. Why not get some holiday type stationary at Office Depot and just send them a note wishing them a happy holiday season. Remind them that you met in the past and that you are a real estate investor. I would also let them know about your blog and tell them to call you if you can be of service to them in any way in the upcoming year. It will appear to be “all about them” when really you are reminding them about you.

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