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I’m sure most of you who read my blog already have downloaded the 7 Day Action Plan e-book that Shae Bynes, over at has put together.  If you have not, then head on over to her site and fill out the form.

I just finished reading through all 17 pages.  I must say,  Shae really managed to break down the proper way to take action and succeed.  I’ve done a lot of research, read many books and experimented with different methods on this subject and and it was amazing how all my most successful techniques where covered here.

I am not just saying these nice things because Shae is my friend.  We both have no problem calling each other out if we feel something is not right.  This is a fine product and one I have no problems recommending.    Here are some “quick hit” points about the 17 page e-book that I liked…

  • No Fluff!
  • She gets right to it.  (if you’ve read other e-books that have taken 20 pages to get to the good stuff you know what I mean)
  • Simple steps that anyone can accomplish
  • Supplies forms for you to fill out and help you organize your plan
  • Caring.  Shae truly cares about helping you out

7 Day Real Estate Action Plan is a great launching point for someone who is just getting started in REI as well as for someone who is stuck in a rut.  It’s a quick and easy read so head on over to Shae’s Blog and sign up to receive your Free copy before she wises up.

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  1. Wow, thanks Scotty! I really appreciate the feedback and I’ve been so happy to receive emails on facebook and comments on the blog regarding how the e-book is helping new investors get past the hump. That’s exactly why I wrote it and I’m so glad that I did. Have a great weekend!

  2. Total time from start to finish was ~10 hours. The outline was pretty much laid out for me because the basis for the ebook was an article I wrote back in November for Biggerpockets. Did a first draft in about 5 hours, got some awesome feedback from a couple trusted pals, and then knocked out a final draft and worked with a graphic designer.

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