Probate Monday: Plenty of Time to Think

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prom dress NZThis past weekend was a very busy one.  On Friday after work my wife and I drove five plus hours down to Virginia.  To say it was a pleasant drive would have been an outright lie.  Here is a brief list of what we ran into…

– Bumper to Bumper traffic as soon as we got started (it was rush hour)
– Monsoon rains
– Marble sized hail stones pelting our car
– construction upon construction
– DC Beltway – Worst road known to man kind.  Accident at 11:30pm that closed all 4 lanes

The reason we were headed down to Virigina was to see my wife’s sister who was graduating from the University of Maryland (UMUC).  This graudation was no small thing as Michelle, right out of high school, had taken a full tour of duty in the army and never went to college.  Since the army she got married and then had two kids before she decided to go back to college and get her business degree. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

Even though Val and I where originally going to spend the entire weekend down in Virginia, my wife wasn’t feeling well (has a bad cold) so we decided it would be nice to wake up in our own bed the next morning.  We headed out at 9pm Saturday night.  I was tired, but the drive up gave me some time to think about investing, the lead tracking program and do some planning.

Let me tell you,  if everyone else in the car is sleeping and you turn the radio off, taking a long drive is a great time to think things through.  The only problem is if you come up with a great idea there is no place to write it down.  Most of my thinking revolved around making my lead tracking program as simple as possible and how the interface would flow.  I think I came up with a really nice solution.

I also gave some good thought about what I was going to do for this upcoming week and how it was going to play out.  Here is what I came up with…

1. Go buy supplies for my mailers
2. Merge my April list with letter and print them out
3. Stuff evelopes
4. Send out mailers tomorrow
5. Send out Postcards for December List
6. Contact old broker to get my license
7. Contact new broker to setup transfer
8. Contact sales agent who helped me get into new brokerage to network some

I’ve got to do these things by Wednesday as Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be taken up by my best friends wedding activities.  Busy Busy Busy!

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  1. Scott,
    way to keep the wheels turning. For about $50 you can pick up a small recorder. I use it when driving for dollars and when ideas come while driving. Works great. Probably a bit harder with a sleeper in the car, but could be useful on the daily commute.

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  3. From what I understand, the difference depends on the app. Some are enhanced for the iPad's bigger screen. How are you liking the iPad so far? I'm eventually going to get a tablet computer.

  4. I haven't had much time to fiddle with it yet. I'm taking the “Meet Your iPad” class on Thursday 🙂 I think the productivity apps are going to be what makes it great for me. I've never been a “technology for technology's sake” kind of person….the novelty of cool wears off quickly for me, but if it helps me do something I couldn't do before or makes it easier, its a winner. I see a ton of potential for that.

  5. for the iPhone, QuickVoice, its a recorder and it also has a feature which allows you to send a translated recording to your email, it translates your voice recording to text with about 90% accuracy.

    I cant tell you how many times I use it. Its crazy, I even set up a folder on my email to filter the rules and put the emails that come from voice recording into a certain folder. This way when I go to my email, there they are, my ideas and to-dos.

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