Negative Response: “Get a real Job”

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Yesterday I got a probate letter mailed back to me with some words of wisdom, written by the recipient, directed towards me.  I’ve been lucky so far to not get many upset owners sending me mail as that is just the nature of the business.  When mailing out to probates you can really step on a nerve because it may seem a little like ambulance chasing to some.

I thought it might be fun to start a new series of posts that deals with all the “not so friendly” responses I’ve got and will get in the future.  This will actually help me deal with them personally as I am the type of person who likes to be liked by everyone.  Consider this Episode #1 of Negative Responses…

All I have to say is thanks for wasting the cost of the stamp.  Does anyone else have any good responses like this one?  if so you can email them to me and I’ll post them up.

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  1. Sorry about that, Scott. 🙁 On the good side, at least you won't have to try and negotiate a transaction with him. lol

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  4. Hi Scott, I've been following your blog for a while now and I Love it. About 3 months ago, I started sending yellow letters to a daily probate list i get from a local guy and it's been an interesting ride. I've only got a typed letter response to my yellow letter, with handwritten envelope and it was actually very nice. The PR was writing to tell me he was not selling at this time. Though some of the call backs, i could tell they were calling to attack. They ask “where did you get my info” and i tell them “through public record at the court house and some are still not satisfied and don't understad why i would send a letter to them telling them i want to buy their house, when they don't even own it. Then I say “we buy houses in the area all the time and we send letters to homeowners in the area and people that are responsible for the houses” and they go, oh, ok. I find that that usually disarms them. I never tell them it is from probate court. Someone actually told me she thought it was very insensitive of me to send a letter asking to buy her mother's house since her mum just committed suicide in the house. But after giving the above explanation, she apologized.

  5. LOL! Wow….that's definitely the nature of this beast. These are the times you brush it off your shoulder and say NEXT. There are plenty of people who want and need your assistance….

  6. lmao Steph's comment made me crack up, literally. I think this is a funny subject, but one that is part of the biz, but I wouldn't spend too much “mental” time on them, if ya know what I mean.

  7. Something like Steph mentioned crossed my mind but I decided just to forget about it a move on. I didn't want to waste the stamp like that guy did.

  8. I've already brushed it off. I think the hardest one to brush off is going to be the first time one of these people get me on the phone. But I'll post it on here and you guys will help me get over it 🙂

  9. Esi,

    Thank you for your suggestion, that is a great way to disarm them and I'm definitely going to use that. Being able to talk them down might open them up enough where we can help them in some way as well.

  10. Hey Scott – Just brush it off and move on. I have been working on probates for about 2 years now and have sent out thousands of letters. In all that time I can only remember 2 or 3 “complainers”. It's a good niche to work in and we provide a great service for those folks that do want to sell without a lot of hassle.

    In my area, the probates are published in the paper around the 15th of the month. I try to get the initial letters out within about 2 weeks. I can tell you that I still get a lot of houses after mailing to sellers for a year. Some folks make quick decisions and some take their sweet time to sell. The success is definitely in the follow up! Just keep on keeping on.

  11. Scottyboy,

    This is awesome! I love it. Be sure to save it. I'd love to have the stuff that has been sent to me in the early days that I just tossed.

    I had a guy tape one of my letters to a freakin' brick and send back “return to sender”. The beauty was that I had postage due of 12bucks. I wish I still had that thing. I'd put it under glass and keep it as a momento.

    As a point of reference, I have gotten WAY more thank you notes from heirs for my kind letter of condolence and have helped a lot of people by staying in the business.

    So, my advice? Save it. Frame it. And use it as motivation for yourself to keep working hard. there are lots of people out there that need your help and your kind approach.

    Go find them.


  12. That's a classic. Well, Just brush it off and move on.
    Use it as motivation for yourself to keep working hard. There are lots of people out there that need your help and your kind approach.

    Best of Luck!

  13. Par for the course. I'll give them credit for going all the way to get their message back to you, though – you've got to really make someone incensed to make them waste their time responding and actually mailing it back to you. As others have said, you can't let this kind of thing stop you. If I stopped what I do the first time I pissed one of our members off, I'd have shut BP down years ago.

  14. You definitely have to hit a nerve for someone to take that time to response like that. I think it's even easier to just pick up the phone and call. haha. I actually can't wait to get another response like that so I can share it

  15. I actually enjoyed getting that more then I thought I would. I've read in so many places about people getting similar responses that I was wondering when the first one would come. bingo!

  16. Hi Scott,

    This is too funny. You should write them back and say you do have a “Real” job, and it sucks, thats why you are building your real estate business!!!!!

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