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I wanted to try something a little different with a post a see how people like it.  Every day I read tons of other blogs that pump out great information and I like to share what I’m reading  on my twitter page as well as at the bottom of my blogs homepage under the title Google Reader Shared Articles. One good practice to have when you are blogging is to call attention to other blogs that have helped you in the past.  So what I wanted to do was list some of the best blog posts I’ve read over the past week.  If you want more of this type of post let me know, or if you hated it then let me know as well…

13 Audiobooks for Entrepreneurs You Shouldn’t Drive Without! by Maren Kate of EscapingThe9to5.com

I drive all the time and instead of rocking out to MmmBop (am I dating myself?) or whatever is popular with the kiddies, I try to enlarge my gray matter (squishy brain area) by listening to audio books. Some of you might benefit greatly from doing the same as I believed I have consumed an entire MBA’s worth of knowledge in the last year from this method alone.

Watch Your Own Back – Nobody Else Will by Julie Broad of  revnyou.com (posted on BiggerPockets.com)

Not long ago there was quite a heated discussion in the comments following a blog post by Florence Foote on investing your money with Wall street vs into real estate.  While I agree with Florence that real estate is probably a better place to put your money in the long run, I take a different stance on why…

27 Days by Shae Bynes of GoodFaithInvesting.com

Today is a day that I’m going to remember for years to come.  May 4, 2010.   The day that I shared with all of you that my season of being a 9-to-5er in Corporate America is quickly coming to an end and a new season of full time entrepreneurship is on its way.  In exactly 27 days. Memorial Day 2010 is my new anniversary for freedom.  Freedom to aggressively pursue the dreams that God has placed in my heart.  Freedom to work towards those dreams on a daily schedule of my own design.

Terminology Tuesday – Kool Seal by Rachel “Mobile Home Gurl”

“Kool Seal is one of several reflective coatings on the market to finish or retrofit roofs increasing their thermal resistance and improving their resistance to water damage. Kool Seal comes in tow formulations, one a white elastomeric flexible finish that is painted on with a roller or compressor sprayer. The second is an aluminum based sealant that is painted on with a roofing brush and is embedded with aluminum particles. Both products are designed to be applied full strength and should not be thinned. Kool seal also makes sealing tape used to prep the roof for its reflective coat.”

How You Can be as Memorable as a Bacon Doughnut by J.P. Moses of ReiTips.com

Today’s post is about the importance of being memorable. It’s a real-world lesson you should absolutely swipe and deploy.  It’s also a chance for me to show off “the sexy, sexy food I eats“. And also my mad video skillz.  It’s already playing. Enjoy…

Quick Mail-Merge Video by Justin McClelland of JustinMcClelland.com

I was putting together a mailing today and felt like throwing together a quick tutorial of my mail-merge.  It’s not very comprehensive, but just a quick overview.  And if you’re curious about the 404 page tactic that I mentioned, you can read more about that here on the BiggerPockets.com blog…

Hope you like these great posts by some awesome bloggers and investors.

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  2. My pleasure JP!

    I had seen a couple food network show's that mention “bacon donuts” before, specifically the Maple Bacon Donut. I've never had one, but is it really any good?? I'm not sure how I feel about meat on donuts.

  3. Shae – seriously – that is awful. I really hope people don't actually eat that!!
    Scott – thanks SO much for the shout out!! And I have to commend you on your picks. Awesome awesome choices!!!

  4. Has anyone seen the Double Down from KFC? instead of bread they use two chicken cutlets. Gross!!

    <img src=”http://www.kfc.com/doubledown/images/doubledown.jpg”>

  5. Thanks for the mention, Scott! Sorry I'm a bit late – tried to add a comment last week but was having issues. This is a great post, you've always got good info to share!

    p.s. That bacon doughnut looks pretty interesting, had no idea there was such a thing!

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