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This past week I made some positive strides which should help me out greatly in the long run.  What helped me most was when i took a few minutes early in the week to identify a few problem areas that have been hindering my progress and then came up with a “solution” for these problems.

Just like Alcohol Anonymous and their 12 step program, the first step to solving a problem is admitting to yourself that you have a one.  I can’t solve all my problems right now, but what I decided to do was identify three areas that need changing.  This way I won’t get overwhelmed and I won’t get down on myself for having so many problems.

Problem #1: Broker

As I mentioned in an early post, Bye Bye Broker, I realized it was not really working out with my current broker.  The main reason for this was that I wanted to learn the basics of being an agent and the transaction process and since the brokerage was a one man shop he had no time to really “train” me.  Another reason was that the office was just so far out of the way that it made it difficult for me.

Yesterday I stopped by Executive Realty and re-established a relationship with them in order to start the license transfer.  Not really sure how this whole process works, but no big deal, I’ll figure it out.

Funny Story!  The Agent who was showing me around the office introduced me to the broker (owner) of the agency.  The broker asked where I’m coming from and when I told him he rattled off  that broker’s name.  I complemented him on his great memory only to then be told that they are Brother-in-Laws!!!  Not a big problem, except for the fact that I hadn’t told my current broker that I was thinking of leaving just yet.  As soon as I stepped out of the office I called Jim and told him.  It’s not that I was trying to hide what I was doing, I just wanted to do some research before I set that fire if you know what I mean.  Needless to say Jim was disappointed that I was going to be leaving his office, but he understood why I needed to change.

Problem #2: Guidance

It may seem like I’ve got things under control and have calculated each one of my moves to ensure success, but to be honest many of the tasks I take on have not yielded the expected results.  I believe that a little guidance would help me out a great deal.   I know Jason “bilgefisherman” recently entered into a mentoring program (maybe he’ll fill us in on how it’s going).  I’ve thought of doing so myself from time to time but the cost just seems to much for me to bare at this moment.  I understand that investing in your education is never a bad expense, but I just can’t justify dropping thousands of dollars when I know there are other ways.

Speaking of other ways, recently at Jon Zorrer’s ( meetup meeting I had a revelation, why not offer to help people setup websites or squeeze pages?  This is something I know a lot about and something that many investors always want, but don’t know how or where to begin.  So I spoke up and said that “I’d be happy to help anyone out, all they would have to do is contact me.”  I got some interest up front and was excited to get a call from Jon the next day asking if I’d help setup and configure some of his squeeze pages and websites.

I have no expectation for any reciprocation for my help, but I can’t help but benefit from communicating with Jon on a regular basis.  After working with Jon for a few days he’s made it clear that if I ever need help with anything just let him know.  He’s a great and generous guy.

Problem #3: Lack of organization

Organizing all my leads, calls, mailings and what ever else is always a problem with me.  I’ve tried spreadsheets, notepad and paper and even a box method but it just always gets out of hand.  To bad my wife isn’t involved because she is an organization junkie.

I guess I’m not wired that way, but I am wired to use technology.  So I’m going to be developing a software that I can enter all my leads into, keep track of mailings and any and all calls I get as well as the properties I’m offering on.  Should not be to hard to create.  And best of all I will share it “for free” with anyone who reads my blog.  Would anyone be interested in something like that???

I got this idea from Ron Mead who just released a probate lead software application and after watching the video demo I can easily put together something even better.  He also charges $140 for it as well.  Yikes!

Have a good weekend everyone!

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  1. Scotty, I just had to tell you that your graphic for this post had me cracking up. I agree that nothing but good can come with hangin' with Jon. I don't know him well, but he seems like a great guy. Have a great weekend and glad to see that you're breaking up the issues into manageable pieces to avoid getting overwhelmed.

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  3. I'd take a look at it. I'm sure it would at least look cooler than the database I use now anyways. 4+4= Jello

  4. Scott,
    I'm glad your looking for a bit of guidance, I'm already off to a good start. Honestly though, everything has just boiled down to go out and make offers. Make as many as you can. Don't wait for anything. I will have my first offer in by next week and I will be making 5+ offers per week. Good Luck.


  5. Scott, keep your chin up. Yeah, I would be interested in that software. T Harv says, there are two kinds of people, those who will be stopped and those who won't, which one are you? or something like that.

  6. Scott,

    You're right man, just solve one problem at a time. That's all you can do, right? I mean you have a job (that pays your bills) and a wife.

    Btw, switching offices is super easy, it's just a piece of paper and like $20 and usually the new broker will send it in for you. Super easy.

    I'm feeling ya with the guidance thing….I've been hinting at Kathy for a bit now to get a mentor and she keeps saying “we spent enough money already, let's make some money first and then we'll get a mentor.” Kinda like the whole thing of which came first the chicken or the egg? lol

    As far as organization goes..that's my downfall too. I'd definitely be interested in the software for sure. And that's very gracious of you to offer it to folks for free. I'm sure you'll put a great deal of time into it. I'm definitely gonna have to get on the organizational ball soon because I think I'll be getting a job (had an interview today and did the drug test.) So the job part sucks, but we do what we have to do…….right?

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