Probate Monday: Letters Sent

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Probate MondayThere are new challenges when you can’t leave the house without help.  I don’t know how people survive sans the services of a car.  Take for example mailing out probate letters.  I had them all printed, stuffed and envelopes labeled and realized I only had 40 of the 80 stamps needed.  Let’s go hop in the car and get some…Nope!  No driving for me for another 2 weeks.  So I have to arrange for my wife, mom, brother or friend to pick me up some stamps.  Got them on Thursday.  Stamped them all up and ready to send…same problem!  So I ask a favor of my wife if she could drop them off at the post office box.  She is a great wife and did so over the weekend.

The letters took a little longer to get out then I had hoped, but they are on the way into the hands of potential sellers.  When asking friends and family to do you favors for me as constantly as I’ve had to over the past 4 weeks, I feel bad.  Since these are favors, I can’t really be to hard on them for fitting it into their schedules instead of doing it on my schedule.  You know what I mean?  We all hate that friend who will ask you for a favor, but then jumps on you for doing it a different way or taking to long to do it. Treat others how you would like to be treated.

Needless to say I didn’t get any calls in this week, but next week is going to be huge!

I think I mentioned this in a post last week, but on the envelopes this time I printed…In Regards to the house at 123 Main St in Yourtown, NJ. Hopefully that will draw attention to the executor that I’m talking about their inherited house.

Total Letters Sent: 160

Total Calls: 12

Response Rate: 7.5%

Deals: 0

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  1. I get the decedents addresses with the list from my source. It's actually their address they lived at upon their demise

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  3. With that amount of envelopes, meaning, a manageable # (80). Have you considered handwriting the addresses? It does make a very big difference. Your response rate is pretty good though, but it may get even higher. Almost everybody opens a handwritten letter. That's not to say that everyone will respond but you can almost assure that 90% of all your received letters will be opened.

  4. I may just do that next time. I currently use a hand written type font, but I'm sure that doesn't fool many people.

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