Book Review: The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle

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As part of the Flip This Book Club we were required to read Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle (affiliate link) by Jim Rohn.  I ordered this book from on Jan 13th and it finally got to me on Feb 5th.  It is a very short book, 128 pages in all, which allowed me and my snail like reading pace to actually finish the book in a weekend.  Just in time to participate in our book club meeting to discuss the topics in the book.

I’ve never heard of this book before or even Jim Rohn so I had no preconceptions going in.  After going through the first few pages I was getting the feeling the ton of the book was going to be one of preaching.  Nobody likes to be preached to, but I read on and I’m glad I did.

Jim brings you full circle from philosophy to desired life style.  He really focused on building a better you through dealing with your attitude, actions and discipline.  Each aspect of our personality must work together for us to achieve or full potential.  With out the proper philosophy your attitude will hinder you.  Without the property attitude your actions will never lead you to your goals.  With out action there will be no positive results to build your confidence.  Without results, the lifestyle you desire will be unattainable.

I can’t begin to tell you how powerful I think this book is.  It really cemented into my brain that it all starts with how I think, but that is not enough to think or take action, I have to always be learning, adjusting and growing.

I will be reading this book again in the near future.  Here are a few powerful quotes from the book…

Failure’s most dangerous attribute is it’s subtlety. Sometimes we don’t even know we are failing because that failure had little to no effect on us at the time.  These failures aren’t always acts, but sometimes just a miss judgment.

Failure is nothing more then a few errors in judgment repeated everyday. We do not fail over night, failure is an accumulation of poor thinking and poor choices.

Small neglects have a way of becoming major over sites with the passage of time. It is very easy to get off track if you don’t put the effort in to stay the course.  1 degree off at the beginning could cause you to move way off line with your long term goals.

Life is not designed to give rewords in proportion to our level of need, it gives them in proportion to our level of deserve.

You can buy the book at amazon for $10:Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle (affiliate link)

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  1. Jim Rohn was/is as famous as he is/was for a reason. His words of wisdom are as relevant today as they were long ago when he first started. I'm glad you got some reading in. I would suggest picking up a few more books.

    You know the phrase, the wealthiest men have the largest libraries? Think about that for a second

  2. I plan on reading many many more, I'm converting from being an exclusive TV watcher to an exclusive reader. Can you recommend a good book I should read next?

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  4. Haven't read this book yet, but will definitely have to check it out now that you and Steph have recommended it. Someone also recommended that I check out his piece on Cultivating an Unshakable Character. Jim Rohn is a legend!

  5. Hey Scott,

    Hope your 2010 is off to a great start. I'm sooooo happy that Stephani chose 5 Major Pieces of the Life Puzzle for the bookclub.

    Jim Rohn is a master. Every sentence in that book is a seminar.

    Read his books, listen to his CDs, follow his wisdom.

    May he rest in peace.


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