Has Fear Snuck Up On You?

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pushingI never even realized it.  I’ve sent out letters before, even gotten calls.  There was no way I was afraid.  It’s been two weeks since I wrote about sending the probate letters to my lead list and I had yet to do it.  Why?  To me it seemed like I had good reasons…

  1. Needed to put up crown molding in the office
  2. Thanksgiving
  3. Family
  4. Didn’t have the envelopes
  5. Didn’t have stamps
  6. Dentist appointment

These are valid reasons right?  I was going to send out the letters the first chance I got.  That chance had just not come and I still was planning to send out the letters.  I wasn’t afraid to send them out, I just hadn’t gotten around to doing it yet. right?

Most people would agree with me, and find those above reasons to be valid.  That is why most people don’t ever become successful.  I was lucky enough to have met some great friends through this blog and one in particular called me out this past Monday.   In case you didn’t read his comment…

Scott, when are you going to stop making excuses and start taking action?

Enough of the ‘Getting ready to get ready’ stuff. Get them mailed out and quit being afraid that they’re going to call you ya big baby 🙂 I’ve bookmarked your site to keep up on whats going on but I still don’t see that you’ve done something so simple and easy like, “Mail out probate letters”

C’mon Scottie, step up to the plate and come hang with the ‘Go Getters’ we’ve got kool-aid and the grass is really greener on this side 🙂

To be honest my first reaction was a defensive one, my mind quickly started listing those “reasons” I listed above.   I then took a deep breath and stepped back for a second.   Was I afraid?

Looking back at the last two weeks, I was able to identify many opportunities when I had time to pick up the needed supplies and get those letters out.  I was amazed that fear may have sneaked up into me.

When I got home on Monday night,  after getting lost trying to find my new real estate brokerage to pick up some papers (I laughed when I got lost, cause I thought of Steph), I ran to Staples to pick up envelopes and stamps.  The rest of the night I printed out the letters, addressed the envelopes, seal and stamped them.  It took me longer then expected because the letters printed out in a different order then the addressed envelopes argh!!  The following morning I placed them in the mail.

A funny thing occurred as I sat in my car, in front of the post office mailbox, ready to put the letters in…The Fear Surfaced and become very apparent.  My stomach got a little queasy and I paused, I WAS AFRAID after all.   At this moment this part of Nick’s comment popped into my head..

…C’mon Scottie, step up to the plate and come hang with the ‘Go Getters’…

It seriously did!  I then proceeded to drop the 75 envelopes into the mailbox.  I now feel great, but a little nervous about the calls that are gonna come….haha

thanks for the push Nick!

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  1. Kick butt, Scotty! Speaking of kicking….a kick in the pants from Nick hurts a little bit more than the ones you get from a sweet friend of yours named Shae. LOL! It's all for the good though!

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  3. I may have to start wearing a protective cup for now on. LOL Different situations call for different types of kicks

  4. It's all good Scott, just giving ya a hard time. I'm not one for talking without walking and I have a habit of calling others out on it. That may be rude of me to some people but in reality, it's a selfish act on my part. See, I can associate myself with successful people, so for me to continue to acquaint myself with you, you must take that path of success, if not, I kick you to the curb without looking back.

    So, I apologize for my selfishness, but it's the only way I know how to keep a friendship going. Keep rocking and don't look back, trust me, the past wasn't all that great considering whats ahead of you.

  5. Well done on 75 letters. Sounds like a great resource for leads. I'm trying some options tonight to increase my lead generation.

    Its funny you mentioned getting nervous as your about to drop the letters. The same exact thing happened to me.

  6. I always appreciate someone who tells it like it is. There are enough people who go around saying what others might want to hear not what they need to hear. The last thing I want to be referred as is someone who is all talk.

  7. Go Scott! Fake it till you make it!! Push past it. Once you are past it you will be pissed that you didn’t push sooner. Yer gonna be fine!! Really, you will do just fine. Go Scott!!

  8. Go Scott!! Fake it till you make it!! Push past it!! You could be pissed that you didn't push sooner!! It will be allright! Really, you will do just fine!! Go Scott!!

  9. Scott,

    Prepare yourself mentally for the next hurdle. When you do get a call…. call them. Call them swiftly. Don't procrastinate and call them 'tomorrow', then tomorrow comes, “oh, you know its sunday, I'll call on Monday”, then suddenly its, “I feel bad I have not called them yet, but you know what, they probably dont want to sell anyway, they would have been more motivated on the message”, then its ……. no call, then its ….scared to send out more letters.

    Trust me. Been there. Prepare yourself mentally to think positively, but your main goal is to call the seller right away. Even if you mess up, call them “Victory!!!!!”, then celebrate the victory, then when the next seller calls, call them, “Victory!!!!”, celebrate the victory, pretty soon you will be very excited to talk to sellers.

    Good luck. Let the games begin!

  10. Got a call while I was at work today (for obvious reasons i can't answer when I'm at work) and the call back will happen as soon as I get home.

  11. Got a call while I was at work today (for obvious reasons i can't answer when I'm at work) and the call back will happen as soon as I get home.

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