One Broker Down and Maybe Two

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Which BrokerBruce gave me a call last night to let me know that his broker wasn’t interested in holding any new part time agents at this time.  That’s to bad cause it was sounding like a great situation for myself and exactly what I was looking for.  The good news is that Bruce and I are going to stay in touch and help each other out.  I’m going to give him some help on internet marketing if he needs it and he’ll be able to help me out by giving me advice and answering any questions I might have.  So that is good.

I also sent off an email to Ian over at Exit saying telling him that I am looking for an opportunity where I can act as an investor first and an agent second, and asked if this would be possible.  My finger hovered over the send button for about a half hour because I wasn’t sure if this was the right approach.  I wanted to be honest with him and not lead Ian into thinking I was going to be concentrating on investment properties.  I told him I’d be listing all my properties through him and referring potential clients his way.  I thought that would be a good quid-pro-quo.   I still wonder if I screwed myself with the email, what do you think?

Here is my current standing…

  • 1 broker out
  • 1 broker in limbo as I’m waiting for a response
  • 1 broker I have a meeting with on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week
  • 1 broker who might be closing up shop in two months but would have been a good fit.  Still might go with her just to get going with the MLS.  maybe she holds on for a while longer
  • Found a Keller Williams in my area that I’m going to contact
  • Email a couple brokers off craigslist last night and waiting to hear back from

I’ve got some things working and I have options.  There is no doubt that I will eventually find a suitable broker for my needs so stay tuned.

One last thing, Shae had asked me if I could get MLS access before my license is hung with a broker.  That was a great question and from my research the answer is no.  MLS access comes with signing up with a broker, for a fee of course.   You can get MLS access other ways, such as Kelly wrote about in this article How to Get MLS Access Without Your License.

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  1. You might want to search out a Keller Williams, which is investor owned or investor originated and friendly. There are several different approaches and fee structures. You know what is best for your area Scott. Good luck to you. You always have a lot on your plate! I like hearing about it.

  2. Thanks Kelly. I've located a Keller Williams in my area and calling them is on my list of things to do for this week.

  3. Thanks Kelly. I've located a Keller Williams in my area and calling them is on my list of things to do for this week.

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