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Which Broker 2Happy Monday morning everyone!  Ugh, I really tried to sound chipper and up beat there,  how did I do?   The feeling of dread always seems to build up in my stomach as I sit in traffic on my way to my J.O.B. every Monday morning.   Now that there is major sun glare or crappy weather, it’s a maddening stop and go affair that usually lasts about 45 minutes.

It’s not all bad however, as that awesomeness really gets me motivated to get things done on the real estate side.   Motivation comes at strange times and you never really know when that feeling will hit you.  This time of year is always a challenge when it comes to getting things done.   Between the holidays, Christmas shopping and my birthday coming up in a few weeks it is VERY easy to get distracted and get of track.

Getting back on track and to the important stuff…The Broker Hunt.

The Real Estate Consultants

I’ve got a meeting with The Real Estate Consultants (I think they changed their name to Executive Realty, but not sure) on Thursday at 5:30.  This came from my response to an ad they posted on craigslist.  I talked with the broker and he understands exactly what I’m looking for and already has another guy who is doing the Investor thing with them.   This could be the place for me.

Exit Realty Gold

After sending the “deal killer” email  about me wanting to be an investor first then an agent, I have yet to hear back from the broker.  Not a big shock as they seemed to be looking to hire sales agents only.

Keller Williams

I didn’t get around to calling them this weekend.  I had planned to on Friday then got caught up watching the Yankees game.  Damn playoff baseball just sucks me in big time!

Investor friend Jarred’s brokers

Jarred gave me his broker’s phone number this morning and told me to call them up and setup a time to meet.  I’ll do that around lunch.

Other Brokers

Got a call on my craigslist ad from Executive Realty in Randolph.  She was going to send me information about the company, so I gave her my email address.   I’ll see what comes of that if I get an email.


I have a good feeling I’ll be with a broker by the end of the week.  Book it!

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