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BrokerHuntDay2I was driving down Route 10 yesterday on my way home from work and I saw this really nice car driving by, a red Ferrari.  I don’t see those too often, but they are one awesome looking car!  When it got in front of me I got a look at the vanity license plate, it said PROBATE.  I had the urge to follow him to where ever he was going and see what the license plate was all about.

Yesterday I posted on flipping homes to get some information about what to expect from a brokerage when hanging a license with them.  I got some great responses and I even got a couple of extended hands willing to help me hook up with their broker.   Yet another testimony to how great the flipping homes forum is.

I talked with Bruce and Jarred for about an hour today and they are going to set me up with appointments to speak with their brokers.   Glad I reached out!    I’m probably going to pass on the Exit Realty that I interviewed with last week unless they can agree to my terms.   Heck that’s the way it’s suppose to be right?  I’m interviewing them, not the other way around.

New Section

Everyday I read through alot of blog posts and articles using Google Reader.  Many times I’ll come upon a post that is well worth sharing and I usually post it to my twitter account.   However I just found a tool that will let me Share those great blog posts and articles in my blog.  On the front page of my blog I added a new section, down at the bottom, called Google Reader Shared Articles.  It’s great because all I have to do when I find something I want to share is click the “Share” button in Google reader and it will be posted to my blog.  Can’t beat that with a stick!  You can take a look here.

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    1. As far as I know I need to hook up with a broker in order to get MLS access, but I’ll have to do some research now that you said something. You know what happens when you assume?

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    1. So far everything I’ve read says you must hook up with a broker before gaining MLS access. Shouldn’t be to long though, I’m patient.

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