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whichbrokerNow that I have my license I need to find an investor friendly broker.  As an investor I don’t really want to be bogged down by being required to do Real Estate Agent jobs just to appease a broker.   Granted, why would a broker take on someone if it wasn’t beneficial to them?  My response is that I will be bringing them listings and listing my properties through them.  Is this fair?

I went to see the broker at Exit and it went well, there is interest on both sides.   It will initially cost me roughly $1300 for all the agent fees such as E&O (errors and omissions) as well as association fees and MLS fees.  This is what I expected so not a problem.  I am a little leery that their requirements will squash all my free time.  These requirements might include continued education classes, sitting in on some open houses, etc.

Does anyone who has their license and works with a brokerage tell me what they are required to do and does it take up a lot of time?  I’d really appreciate it.

My other option was to go with my friends mom who is a broker and is very willing to hold my license for only $200.  Sounds great right??  Well I spoke with her this weekend and she is thinking about retiring and closing up shop in a couple of months.  Darn it!   It’s not definite and she would hold my license for as long as she is doing business.  You think I should start out with her and then move on when I’m forced to?

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I’m trying to modify my blog a little bit to try and organize some of the great articles that have been written and make them easier to access.  If you check out the front page, it’s a little different and soon I’ll have a brand new article section that will be much easier to follow.  Right now I have one long list of all the articles, which was fine in the beginning but has since out grown that style.

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