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I think I fixed my phone! There is this standby/mute button on top of my phone that I’ve never really noticed before. I put the phone into standby mode and then took it out and it magically blasted sound into my ears once again. YES!!

Ok, I promise I won’t complain about my phone anymore.

Business Cards

Yesterday I got my Short Sale business cards that I’ll be handing out to Realtors at open houses this weekend. They look pretty good and I like the simple look they have. If you have a short sale and don’t want to deal with it, call me and I’ll do it for you and you will still get paid. Simple, straight forward and easy.

Bandit Signs

I’m trying to figure out where to get my bandit signs from now. I always get stuck trying to find the best deal and that causes me to waste time. So i’m gonna stop looking and decide between one of these 3 options.

  3. buy some corrugated Cardboard and hand right them all out

I’m leaning towards buying them if I can fit them in my 200 per month marketing budget that I setup.

I wanted to put a number to my marketing budget so I can keep track of it better. Over the next few months we will see how far 200 bucks gets me and then I will adjust it. Or I’ll just make it work!! haha

anyway, sorry again for the phone rant and have a good weekend!

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